Who here went to my DIY talk at Goody’s Come Play event last Saturday? To those of you who weren’t able to make it, don’t you worry. I took a few photos of the event so I’ll share those with you in a bit. But before that, here’s what I wore.


I thought I’d wear something DIY-inspired to go with my topic. Although my top isn’t a DIY creation, it looks like something I can attempt to DIY, doesn’t it? With a pair of scissors and cardboard stencil, I might just be able to recreate this. I actually got really inspired after doing so much research about my topic for Goody’s Come Play event that I’m so excited to post a DIY entry here. Soon!


Because this was my second time to participate in Goody’s Come Play event, I already knew what outfit to wear to keep me comfortable on stage. The spotlights can get quite hot so I didn’t want to wear anything too thick. I really made it a point to wear light clothes so that I won’t sweat like a pig on stage. Hindi nakaka-fab iyon!


I also opted for something a little loose. Last year, I wore a really tight bodycon dress, but because I was going to do demos for my topic this time, I wanted to wear something I can easily move around in without being self-conscious about any unwanted fat showing. LOL!


I actually like how this simple and minimalist outfit turned out. It looks quite sophisticated and mature because of its silhouette but still fun because of the colors and details.


[button link=”” size=”small” bg_color=”#e5b3b9″ window=”yes”]Hype this look at here[/button]


Lannel Boutique OCC Lip Tar in Divine


Forever 21 necklace


She Inside top


Forever 21 rings Nails by Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell


My Spirit Inc. skirt


Céline bag


Choies shoes


And now, for the main event–Goody’s Come Play 2013!


So many attendees!


And there’s food this year! Woot! This may be one of the reasons why there are more attendees this year. LOL! Just kidding. Goody prepared a lot of talks actually and all were very informative. (*cough* especially mine *cough*)


As usual, my favorite Goody products were all on display and available for buying.


There were a lot of free hairdo tutorials and makeovers.


That’s me, writing on the Goody wall. “I love Goody because… I’m a Goody girl!” LOL! How redundant can I get?!


The hosts during a nail tutorial on stage. Dear Patricia Prieto, stop being cutie patootie towards me and my camera! WORK! Haha! :)


My turn on stage! Channeling my inner Martha Stewart!


I showed a number of ways to DIY old shirts. I opted to DIY my brother’s shirts. Har har! I don’t think he knows yet. Sneaky, sneaky.


To those of you who attended, I hope you were able to learn a few DIY tricks from me!


And finally, thank you to everyone who came to greet me and my fellow bloggers. I was a able to take photos of some of you even!  Always a pleasure to hang out with all of you!


‘Til next time!

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  1. joyh

    Hi Camille, where did u get your trapeze bag? And how much does it cost? I looooove it <3

  2. Mikka

    It would be such an honor if you could design my prom dress! Haha. I appreciate your amazing skills :)

  3. Yanshi

    I really think Yellow looks great on you!! You glow in yellow, rhyme hihihi :) That top is really cool! Love the bag and the shoes too! :))) Great outfit! Too bad wasn’t able to come :'(

  4. Christine Koay

    How i wish i can attend this event.. so sad.. sobs.. I like your look here, Ms Camille! Relax yet sophisticated! I really love the sleeve detail! and your friend so cute!

  5. Gladys

    Whoaa! Kung nakakalipad lang ako, nagpunta na ako diyan. (Papa Lord, bakeeeeeett?)

    Ang ganda palang i.pair ng ganyang skirt sa hindi fit na top, noh? Or maybe dahil ikaw ang nagsuot?
    I love your shoes. As in.

  6. Giselle

    Hi Camille. To naman wala ka nang unwanted fat na matatago no! You’re so fit kaya hahaha =))) The outfit is fab as always! <3 Loving your bag soooo much :D

  7. Erika Rone

    Fashion inspiration!!! :) Hello again! Nagattend ako ng Goody party for you!! Sana naaalala mo pa ko, pero parang hnde na masyado ee. Hahaha papaalala ko ulit! Hahaha ako bmili ng pink bag na bgay ng mom mo nung hs kapa last bu5. ;) nagbyahe pako from Tarlac just to see you again! (Cough! Cough! EFFORT!!! :) Birthday ko bukas, sana magreet moko sa IG @erikarone02 andame naten pictures together. Just a greeting from u, it’ll mean a lot. Thanks! Xoxo :* forever fan from Tarlac. :***

  8. Rowena Marie Samares

    The shoes…. isuperLikeit! plus the nice feet wearing it made it better =)

  9. Kim Capeña

    i’m so jealous sa friend ko na sa manila nag school kasi nka attend sya sa Goody something2. haha she saw you and even took a picture of you, laureen and kryz! OMG! i died because of jealousy. :((( please come back to cebu ate camille. hehe. para i’ll see you naaaaa. :((((

      • Kim capeña

        Please post it to instgram if ever you will come here. Hehe. (requesting) thanks gwapa! ;)

  10. Maria Fe Estrella

    :-( You were not able to see ata my comment last Sept 18. I’ll post it again…

    I was so happy to see you Ms. Camille! You’re so lovely! YOU’RE SO PRETTY!! Kahit di ko na naumpisahan yung UAAP game, okay lang, natapos ko naman yung talk mo. I actually enjoyed! :-) I LOVE YOU! Hope to see you again!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Marifela! :) I really noticed you among the attendees. I was so tempted to call you out from the stage na time na! Haha1 I thought you forgot about the game already! LOL :) Thank you again for staying! Appreciate it!

      • Maria Fe Estrella

        I really finished your talk ‘coz I promised you. haha! Glad that I finished it. Sayang, limited lang yung time mo, I can ditch watching the game so I can just listen to your talk. You really made me happy with that convo. Can’t wait to meet you again. <3

  11. judy

    So refreshing to the eye, nice photo shoot! I’m inlove with your outfit, i love the top and shoes. So fab outfit!

  12. Arianna

    I love the bag!! <3

    P.S. My friends and I were so depressed :((( we actually waited for you but then we had to go before 4 since we had a basketball game to catch :( I hope we see you soon though!!

  13. Lovelight

    Great shot Ms. Camz. (referring to the first few photos). Credits to your photographer. lol. Mas bet ko yung color ng celine bag mo dito compared nung isa (green,white,black). But overall, it really is a comfortable and sophisticated outfit!

  14. Anaivilo

    I bet it was fun! :D Wish I was there too..
    That bag is gorgeous! I have a similar one, of course, not Celine.. but still :D

  15. jocelle

    Unwanted fats?? Weh!? Lol I was there last year to. Remember I was the one who ask you to sign the preview mag. Wala namanao nakitang fats haha sayang no photo op w/ you nung goody event dis year but that’s ok I love listening to your talk. When next??

  16. Hannah

    I love your outfit so much! It’s so classy, sophisticated, chic, yet fun! (:
    The details on the sleeves and the accessories make the outfit edgier yet not too edgy to overshadow the sophisticated-ness :))
    I wish I could have attended, it looks so fun! :D

  17. Reena

    I can’t wait to see your DIY blog post!!! :) Looks like you guys are having fun!!!

  18. Ren

    Aweee!! I so love your bag. If ever I could meet you in person, I really don’t know what to do. (like shake and rattle mode. harhar and I was like planning that we’ll have a picture of each other first the afterwards we talk and talk. hehe. Could that even happen?) There is really something everytime I look into your eyes, like I’ll be drooling (or are you hypnotizing me? haha).

  19. Khim

    oh my goodness! your outfit looks fab and very comfy :) love it! your blog is my everyday tambayan! and i really hope to see you soon and have picture with you…

  20. aileajeanne

    i was there, i was there, but sadly i missed your talk. awwww,so sad ;( but still grateful because we got a chance to take pictures with you even you’re paalis na.. so happy!:D hope to see you again Ms. Camille :)

  21. Ruth

    Hello! As usual, fab na fab ka.. and just saying.. does not look like naman na may unwanted fat ka..

    Nice pair of shoes!! Um, i hope u won’t mind my asking if u could also post where we could buy the items??

    Also, i hope u won’t mind my saying– parang u remind me of Alodia Gosiengfao (sana tama spelling ko..). Parang nai-imagine ko how fab u will look sa cosplay costumes.. heheh.. Do u also make those kind of clothes??

    MOre power!!

    • Camille Co

      I did! Scroll through the photos and you’ll see the links and brands :) No eh :( Hindi ako marunong magcosplay :) Thank you Ruth!

  22. Christine

    I don’t know what’s so wrong with me that I became teary-eyed after reading this. Was it because I wasn’t there? Or was it because you’re so successful I might not reach what you’ve achieved at that age of yours?? I have no idea really. But I was really close to tears after the 2nd to the last photo.

    I love you Camille! You’re such an inspiration. xoxo

  23. MJ Esperanza

    super like it….how i wish to have this bag of yours…….and the legs of course hehehee…..keep it up Camille!

  24. Colt Nava

    You always look pretty but you look EXTRA pretty in the photo where you credited lannel boutique <3

    • Camille Co

      Those are the best kinds of outfits noh? Simple pero may dating :) Thank you Frances!

  25. TysLolakins

    hi camille,
    i’m a new subscriber of your blog and everyday feels like a treat seeing your outfit and how put-together you look! not over the top, just perfect.
    anyway, my point is, even an old timer like me can appreciate your style and even pickup a thing or two about the latest fashion. of course, i cannot copy exactly how you wear them but a little adjustment here and there to accommodate for age and the outcome is still fantastic.
    please keep at it because you inspire a lot of your readers, i know i do.

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Aireen! :) I agree, anyone, no matter what age and size, can pull off looks as long as they tweak it a bit to fit them :) Thank you for subscribing to my blog! :)

  26. Philip

    Oh Camille, wish I was there ! Love the color of your nails ! And these Choies shoes are so great on you ! You are so lucky to be such a beautiful princess ! :-)

  27. Maria Fe Estrella

    I was so happy to see you Ms. Camille! You’re so lovely! YOU’RE SO PRETTY!! Kahit di ko na naumpisahan yung UAAP game, okay lang, natapos ko naman yung talk mo. I actually enjoyed! :-) I LOVE YOU! Hope to see you again!

    • Camille Co

      Parang hindi naman papasa ng Vogue haha! But thank you Anne! :) Maybe someday I’ll be able to go to Visayas!

  28. Lira Princess

    Hi ate Camille!
    I was there at MOA that time and I totally shrieked when I saw you taking pictures for ate Kryz. Creepy, I know but it was a first for me to see you in person. After you took pics, I thought I’d never see you around MOA again but I was wrong. My friends and I almost literally bumped into you and ate Laureen. But I was really too shy to go ask to have a picture taken with any of you.

    It was my first time to ever see a famous blogger in person since I don’t live in Manila,(Palawan ,where I live, is a bit far way) and I was able to see three in less than 30 minutes! Talk about blessed :D

    Anyway, God bless you miss Camille. Have a nice day!

    • Camille Co

      Awwwww sayang! I hope you approached us especially since you’re not from Manila! :) But maybe next time! :) Thank you Lira!

  29. Tasha D.

    TRUE! Spotlights can be really hot! I remember getting burned by a spotlight when my classmate accidentally put it against my
    skin. Good thing it didn’t leave a scar. haha!

    Love everything from head to toe! Especially your top and necklace combination! Just wear your top with a different bottom, and it will instantly look like you never wore it before despite its easily identifiable sleeves!

  30. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    I love your top! I wasn’t expecting you partner it also with a skirt! I thought you’re going to post it with a skort like what you wore during your Karaoke night with your blogger besties! I want one too! Are you going to post your outfit during the last F21 event? and your Marie France outfit? Excuse me for being demanding but that’s how much I idolize you that I want to know your outfit in every event you attend! Hahaha! Plus your KL trip pa? Tapos aalis ka ulit this Friday for a music festival! Whew! Hahaha! Pretty as always! <3

    • Camille Co

      Hi Kay! I think I posted my sequin dress outfit from the Marie France shoot already :) As for my outfit during the F21 anniversary party, yes I will! :) And yes, KL trip too! Haha! Ang dami kong utang!

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