I had a shoot for Metro Society a few months back. I don’t know if you’ve seen it already but it was just published on Metro Society’s September issue. I, along with Patrish, was featured on its “Versus” section where we showed our favorite items as well. Since I don’t have a copy of the magazine yet, I’ll just share with you what I wore to the shoot. The Metro Society team wasn’t really particular with the attire, so long as I wear something that describes my style. Easy peasy!


Because this was for Metro Society, I chose to wear something a bit more on the sophisticated and mature side. A black and white outfit seemed the most fitting for this editorial but I just couldn’t resist not adding a bit of color to make it young and fresh still.


It’s all about the gems and crystals. They’re minimal but still the most important elements in my outfit.


Look at the beautiful beadwork on my blazer! I’m so inspired to make a gown or dress version of this. One day, I will.


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Olive + Piper earrings


Jessica blazer and top


Prada shorts


Giuseppe Zanotti heels

60 Responses to “Gems”
  1. maebs

    classy as ever :) I’m in love with the blazer and of course the shorts. :) I’m just wondering ate Cams, have you been featured na po sa Style Weekend ng manila Bulletin? :)

  2. Yanshi

    Never thought wearing shorts can be so classy! I totally love this look <3 And look at those gems on your blazer!! They are so royal-ish! hihihi :)) You looked amazing with your hair too :) <3

  3. Vanni Yeth

    I don’t know but it was already becoming a norm to me that when I see your big curls, what comes to my mind first is “she’s on a shoot!” without reading the captions. Hahaha

    • Camille Co

      LOL! Yes! Because I’m just too lazy or impatient to curl my own hair! :)

  4. Gala

    Wow, everything about you is simply beautiful! Sasabihin ko sana na bagay sa yo magmodel pero nagmo-model ka na nga pala, hihi :)

  5. Christine Koay

    Love your outfits here, Ms Camille! So elegant and sophisticated! I love the blazer’s beads details! It totally make an ordinary black blazer pop! And I hope to see the gown/dress version when you make one! =)

  6. Nayara Cordeiro

    I just loved loved loved this outfit. Classic and with a freshness so young at the same time. I can only imagine the beauty of the dress will leave inspired this blazer … will be wonderful!

  7. Naaj Rona

    The beadwork on your blazer and the stones on your earrings just jazz up the whole outfit. The blazer is beautiful and the yellow beadwork stands out big time. You carry the outfit so beautifully

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  8. Philip

    OMG! Camille, you look incredibly great i I love your Zanotti heels, they are stunning on your feet !
    You are so classy & sexy ! :-)

  9. Ma. Alaiza Agres

    I am going to wait and see for the gown version you will make for yourself.. Naexcite ako bigla ate Cams. (❁´◡`❁)
    You always look beautiful on anything you wear. (●◠‿◠●)

  10. Danna Cuba

    Hi Camille!! I love, love, LOVE this outfit! I wish I can wear shorts to work without being reprimanded. hahaha! I also love the bead work on your blazer, hope I can find a similar one at a cheaper price. :)

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Anne! If only I have a hairstylist with me all the time LOL!

  11. Tasha D.

    ughhhh! BACK TO BACK head to toe perfection! I love everything from your previous post tapos pati dito din!

    SOOOOO CLAZZZ your Prada shorts ha! Your Zanotti heels looked so beautiful din dito! I’m sure those Zanottis will be worn for a hundred more times but still exude an undying beauty! Charos! It is such a classic kasi eh! Goes with almost anything!

    Sana you’d wear it with distressed jeans too tapos a plain white tank top!

    • Camille Co

      I did na! I think I wore it with jeans and a plain white top plus blazer before :) One of my old posts :) I really love these heels! So so much!

  12. Sephie Rojas

    Intricate beadwork on your blazer @.@ I’m already amazed with your designing skillz (yes, with a ‘z’ cause you’re that awesome, lol) especially with the details (sequins, beadwork, embroidery, draping, etc). You designing a dress inspired by the beadwork on this blazer will just be something to die for!

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