Something Weird Going On


Leather on leather in hot Manila, why not? Here’s another old #ootd I shot months ago.


I really don’t know how I manage to wear leather despite our hot weather. Maybe it’s the fashion blogger in me, letting style reign over comfort and common sense. LOL! But I just can’t help it, especially when it comes to leather jackets. I swoon every time I see one. Whenever I buy a new leather jacket, I tell myself, this will be the last. But then I find another one and I just can’t resist. Oh dear. I’m starting to sound like a cheating lover. Haha!


But in my defence, I did try to make up for all the leather by wearing a cropped top. Plus, my shorts are tiny! The lack of fabric must’ve helped ventilation somehow, right?


This is the “something weird going on” I’m referring to in my blog post’s title. Whatever does this illustration mean? It’s so random!


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SM Accessories earrings


H&M jacket | Bershka cropped top H&M shorts


Givenchy bag

S&H flats


75 Responses to “Something Weird Going On”
  1. Gladys

    Whoaaaa! That. Legs! So perf!
    I wonder really how to get that flawless legs and maputing tuhod. That’s one reason why I don’t wear shorts.

    I like your outfit. I love the shorts’ and the corset’s color. And your shoes too! ^___________^

  2. Diva In Me

    Living in Asia’s hot and humid country isn’t very friendly to the jacket and coat lovers like us. I can totally understand what’s it like to love these lovelies and trying to find cooler days in wearing them.

    • Camille Co

      So true!!! The slightest cold gush of wind and I’d grab the opportunity!

  3. Jill

    illuminati! O.O It’s supposedly a secret society for elite masters of deception who want to control our mind, soul, and body, and rule the entire world. they also say it’s for famous people who sold their souls to the devil!

    • Camille Co

      Ahhhhh!! I do not believe in this but I still want to wear my jacket. Oh dear!!!

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Kix! :) This is so embarrassing but I don’t know how our help does it. Let me ask!

      • Kix

        Oh hey! You replied. :)

        Yes please. Let me know!

        I once had a pair of leather leggings from Topshop. I wore it twice, then after a few months, I saw it cracking and crumbling in my closet. Sayang!

  4. Naaj Rona

    Love this look, it’s hot as your leather. The colour combo is just perfect and those shoes are damn cool.

    I should be buying leather but always tend to buy items which i should be wearing during summer, wanna swap countries? lol

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  5. Yanshi

    “Oh dear. I’m starting to sound like a cheating lover.”– I really like how you write! You don’t just entertain us with your pictures and stories, your funny ‘banats’ too :))) Anyway, love the leather jacket too! Tho i don’t have one yet, i really like leather jackets like the one you have here :) Cool outfit! <3

  6. GAla

    Ganyan nga raw tayong mga babae, di ba.. will sacrifice comfort for fashion, hehe.. well kung nsa loob ka lang mga mga AC malls Ms CAMILLE i guess okayl nag, esp pag maulan.. pero me.. i save the leather for Tagaytay nights :)

  7. Reena

    Okay lang mag leather Cams, meron namang aircon eh… ;) Loving the shoes and the jacket! So unique!

  8. Ohms

    no matter it’s leather.. its super comfy naman tignan sayo:) Love the combi.:)

  9. Christine Koay

    You’re so pretty here, Ms Camille! I love you hair.. =D I love your shoes here.. the pink and blue combination are so cute! <3

    • Camille Co

      I don’t because people will stare at my cropped top and short shorts. Kailangan may fabric naman ng konti haha! :)

  10. Mai Pascua

    I love your jacket. It’s weird, I agree, and AWESOME. Are you wearing contact lens po? :)

  11. Nayara Cordeiro

    Got a very good look, despite having two pieces of leather cropped top and blue klein shorts gave an air of freshness. If I’m trying to dresses with jackets as you are, I always say it will be the last dress that buy in season, but I end up buying another, and another, and another … lol

  12. Jade

    I love your legs! It seems that its getting bigger compared to your old posts. Not the very thin legs like before :)

  13. denisevhianca

    “Leather on leather in hot Manila, why not?” Oonga naman!! :) :)
    Pink and blue all the way.. So cute <3 <3

  14. Lovelight

    Hey Ms. Cams. Study mode ko ngayon for the final exam tmrw , but I cant help myself not visiting your blog. I just made u as my inspiration para mg-aral ng mabuti so that someday mabili ko yung mga gusto ko just like you. Btw, nice outfit as always:))

    • Camille Co

      Awww that’s a nice mindset! Thank you Lala! Good luck with your exams!

  15. chioma

    Hi camille,u r such a fashionista.since I found ur blog I ve been hooked.much love from Nigeria

  16. Sephie Rojas

    It’s like some random street grafitti @.@ But yeah I can relate to your “Last na ‘to, promise! Ooh! Another leather jacket! *flocks over item*” problem, only mine is for books or shoes, lolz. I think it’s in women’s DNA. We’re genetically altered to not being satisfied with just 1 item of preference :))

  17. Abbyguel

    The graphic design at the back of the jacket is an illuminati sign :O Oh, NVM. Sooo late post! haha :) Cool outfit, cool background too! There’s no one around, feel free to take outfit shots! Haha :)

  18. Ren

    I so love your shoes!! You really have the point on wearing cropped top and mini shorts which gave you ventilation despite the weather here in our country.

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