Le Sweet


I received a sweet surprise in the form of a LeSportsac bag a few weeks back. It’s so sweet, it’s actually named Le Sweet! How adorable! How I wish those yummy candies on my tote bag are real! They look good enough to eat–scratch that–DEVOUR!


If you’re wondering why my LeSportsac bag is candy-themed, it’s because the iconic brand teamed up with the largest state-of-the-art sweets emporium and candy lifestyle brand known as Dylan’s Candy Bar for its Fall 2013 collection and my bag is part of it. (If you’re not familiar with Dylan’s Candy Bar, make a quick Google search. I assure you, you’ll end up craving for sweets!) Personally, I find this collaboration so fitting! LeSportsac’s designs have always been youthful, fun and energetic. Teaming up with Dylan’s Candy Bar only makes them even more eye-catching and fresh! You want arm candy? You’ve got arm candy, literally!


[button link=”http://lookbook.nu/look/5436932-Dylans-Candy-Bar-For-Lesportsac-Tote-Bag-Le-Sweet” size=”small” bg_color=”#e5b3b9″ window=”yes”]Hype this look at Lookbook.nu here[/button]


Chanel earrings


Dylan’s Candy Bar For LeSportsac tote bag


Alexander Wang heels


The Dylan’s Candy Bar for LeSportsac collection features classic LeSportsac styles curated by Dylan’s Candy Bar founder and CEO, Dylan Lauren. The fall collection consists of 14 lifestyle bags ranging from weekenders and totes to handbags and cosmetic cases covered in three exclusive candy prints, namely: Candy Spill, a graphic of bright and colorful candy, inspired by Dylan’s Candy Bar retail locations; Sweet Talk, a multi-color gradient printed on candy phrases, set on a black background; and Sugar Cube, a photo-realistic view of the Dylan’s Candy Bar Tackle Box. All styles are made of LeSportsac’s signature rip-stop nylon with most including an exclusive gumball charm. Wondering what they look like? Here are just some of the yummy bags and cosmetic cases from this collection. My favorite is the backpack in Candy Spill print!


Dylan’s Candy Bar for LeSportsac are available at all LeSportsac free-standing stores worldwide, LeSportsac.com and select Dylan’s Candy Bar locations, as well as DylansCandyBar.com. In the Philippines, LeSportsac is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Alabang Town Center, Gateway Mall, Ayala Center Cebu, and Robinsons Magnolia.

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  1. Wylcelle Ann Buebo

    You’re so pretty and sexy Ms.Camille. I love your outfits. From this day on, I will read your blogs. Swear. :)

  2. Steph Sison

    Your bag reminds me of Candy Crush.. haha. And your brows does exist. :)

  3. Gladys

    Whoaaaa.. U look so sweet here. You also smiled with teeth. :) Amazing.
    I love the baags! Sarap ngatngatin! Literal na eye-candy. Ang eyes lang ang mabubusog.

  4. ville

    Oh my! love your first photo.. you look like a 12-year old girl..hehe!
    I really missed posting comment here.. now I’m back.. Stay pretty forever : )

  5. maebs

    the whole aura in all of your photos are really sweet. BTW, have you seen yung latest design ni Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bag, diba po ang ganda :)

  6. Yanshi

    Love your second pic!!! So teeny bopper hihihihi :)) Lovely dress and THE SHOES!!! Oh myyy! :))) And those bags are yummy hihihi :)))

  7. Emmrose Villasfer

    your poses and smiles are so sweet just like the title of this post. :)
    and the side swept bangs looks good on you :)

  8. Reena

    I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant alllll of those Le Sportsac Bags!!! hahaha… The dress looks so sweet. Perfect canvas talaga for accessorizing!

  9. justine

    hi, i like your chanel earrings, is bigger than the normal chanel earring, right? is this gold and crytal? Can i know the name?
    You are pretty!

    • Camille Co

      Oh dear I don’t know the name! I bought it a long time ago. But yes, it is bigger than the usual ones :)

  10. Ren

    I’ve always love Le Sportsac bags ever since I was a kid. They’re too adorable and have this youthful colors and designs. Ang pa-cute naman ng first pic pero cute naman talaga. Haha

  11. Christine Koay

    You’re so sweet here, Ms Camille! I can’t stop staring at you and also the bag.. LOL.. I love the bag pack! So colourful!! How i wish we had school bag like this back in our days.. And I really love your dress! <3

  12. Colt Nava

    Super dreamy look, Camille! Sorry I haven’t been active in commenting on your blog posts recently, blame globe broadband! The connection was just annoying for days! I’m just hoping it’s ok na so I can check your blog anytime :D

  13. Bernadette

    You smiled a lot in here! You look so sweet and young. The bag must be so sweet I guess. And maybe that’s the reason why. :)

  14. Angelic Robles

    Sweet! I totally see the temptation to buy out this entire collection, Miss Camille! It’s fun, fresh, and very youthful.

    Loving the way you paired your bag with a very creamy white dress that shows off your slim figure. I saw how each if your angles showcased your Lesweet bag PLUS your feminine-flirty side. I admire how you made the skirt part of your dress flick forward in your second photo. The effect was charming and cheerful.

    The color hue of your shoes is very daring. It’s quite bright, but not neon. It’s just right for a candy-colored post like this one! Your choice of jewelry is so ladylike. I’m glad you went for variety and wore these metallics to amp up your white dress.

    • Camille Co

      Oh I didn’t even notice my skirt there! :) Thanks Angelic! I think my shoes match my bag perfectly as well! :)

  15. Rose Cruz

    It’s refreshing to see your brows. Uyyy si Camille, suma-side bangs. :)

  16. Ohms

    it reminds me of a candy crush.:)
    btw, you’re so sweet with your hairstyle and even the mini dress.:)

  17. Naaj Rona

    I feel like eating the bags, the cute lil candy purse. You look beautiful and different with the side parting. The necklace is so pretty and stone colours matches well with your candy bag and those Wang heels, i just adore those shoes

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  18. denisevhianca

    YES NAMAN, SIDE BANGS!! HAHA. This is so simple ate. I love it most especially that colorful bag! :)

    • Camille Co

      Haha! I love that my bangs are always the center of attention LOL :) Thanks Denise!

  19. char

    I’m really liking the side swept bangs on you! Love the idea of LeSportsac’s fall collection. I have such a sweet tooth! haha


    • Camille Co

      It does! But we have to live with what God gave us, so here it is! LOL!

  20. Krisella

    Oh my gosh those heels! They’re so beautiful just like the one wearing it.
    Have a great day ahead Camille and stay lovely.. :)

  21. chioma

    Hi camille,nice outfit.u always know how to do it.much love from nigeria.

  22. Joy Gonzaga

    I am an avid of yours and the rest of your blogger friends (Breakmystyle,Thirstythought,Tricia will go places!), and looking
    forward to each of your new posts. Thank you for sharing some of your ideas……..you have the brilliant mind showing us all how classic/ formal/ casual dresses ables to coordinate well with the newest color of your youth and to top it all your physique compliments well with your outfit always. The beautiful accessories and bags, shoes which all girls are dreaming of……..wish in a dream we will be dressed like you.

    I am honestly praying that someday ONE TV CHANNEL will bring you and your friends onscreen showcasing all the things you love about fashion.

    • Camille Co

      Awww thank you Joy! I’m happy you appreciate my blog so much! It feels good to hear words of encouragement like these :) For now, I’m happy and content with blogging and communicating with you guys here! :)

  23. Sephie Rojas

    That candy bag in the middle looks like a takeout bag, it’s super adorbs!! <333 Pwedeng pang lunch box sa school, lolz. "What's your baon today?" "Candy!" "OMG me too!" hahaha super cute!

    • Camille Co

      Oh I haven’t seen that! I think it looks so much like Philip Lim’s design :) Thank you Tasha! :)

  24. Jam

    your bangs is side swept! haha. sobrang naiibahan ako sa ichura mo pag nadidistort ung usual bangs mo. i always feel that there’s something different but cannot point it out right away :))

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