So Long, Malaysia!


We’ve come to the last of my style posts from Malaysia. As you can see, I’m in the same sandals and bag again. It just seems more practical to me to style my outfits around them rather than bring tons of shoes and bags abroad. One has to pack light in order to shop more. That’s my motto! LOL!


As if to mourn the last day of my vacation arranged by Access Travel And Tours, I wore an all black outfit around the city. I tried my best to make the most out of my last day though. I shopped and ate to my heart’s content–the latter of which I regretted seeing that I’m in a sheer top. Bad decision! Oh well, what’s done is done!



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Femmex top


Romwe hat


SNS necklace


SNS gold rings


Bershka shorts


Chanel bag


Luxury Mall gladiator sandals | Nails by Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell


Malaysia is a beautiful country! I can’t believe this is already my 3rd time there. I actually got to meet a few of my Malaysian readers randomly during my short vacation. I still get so surprised when I get recognized abroad but hopefully, next time, I get to meet more of you and get to see more of Malaysia. So long, Malaysia!

Once again, thank you Access Travel And Tours for arranging everything for me!


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  1. lynda chalker

    its really hard not to like your are a natural plus the way you dress is inspiring..i think there should be an app to like all camille’s work cause many would agree we can’t get enough of it & you lol…

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Lynda! :) I do have an app though! Just search for my name on Itunes and Android :)

  2. Traveltoes

    Hi Camille! I just want to ask for your advice. I’ll be traveling around Europe during summer and was wondering what comfy footwear would best go with my summer dresses and shorts. I’m kinda short, like 5’1″ so I’d need the height if possible. Thank you. :)

    • Camille Co

      Platform sneakers are all the rage now so I suggest those. My travel tip though is to bring at least 2 pairs of shoes when traveling for a long time. You have to switch your footwear every now and then, else your feet will get painful and tired easily.

  3. jessie

    miss cams you’re gorgeous! BTW are you gonna join Bloggers UNITED on Dec 7? :D
    do you happen to know how much the ticket? curious lang so i can ipon ipon na! hahah :D

    • Camille Co

      I don’t know how much but maybe same as the last one lang :) See you there!

  4. Gladys

    Uhrrmmm. Paano ba magtatanong nang hindi magiging awkward?
    Anyway, is there really a peek-a-boo there Miss? Curious lang, eh. Hope you don’t mind po. Sorry. Parang meron kasi, eh. Though not so sure. Pero parang meron talaga. Sorry po.

    Waah! Ang pagkain din ang reason kung bakit palagi akong naka-T-shirt. Baka kasi pag nag lumobo tiyan ko, di masyadong halata. Daig ko pa naman daw ang lalaking karpentero kung kumain. >.<

    Your top and shorts are sooo matched. Akala ko isang item lang sila.

  5. maebs

    you look like a school girl that is hanging out with friends to buy something for a project. love it. :)

  6. Poshypampy

    Ganda po ng feet niyo Ma’am Camille, i wish i can feature that on my blog about the Beauty of Pinay Feet..

  7. Yanshi

    I really love your “biglang-tingin” pose hahaha :D You look really pretty in that angle, not saying that you don’t in other angles, but I like it when I see your profile, ganda eh! hihihi :)) Cool all-black outfit :)) and thanks for the packing tips, kaya i love reading your blog eh, i don’t just get fashion inspirations, I learn from your blog too :)) *thumbs up*

  8. Grace

    come to canada naman ate camille haha with your besties :) and i love your top :)

  9. Anne

    Hi, Camile!

    Love this outfit! Didn’t know one can be this stylish when traveling! I want to wear sandals/boots of the same length, but they cut my height, since I’m only 5′ and have short legs. :( Any tips on how to work footwear like this esp boots?

    Thanks! :)

    • Camille Co

      It can be really tricky but if you really want to, make sure you’re wearing short bottoms, better if they’re high-waist too!

  10. Angelic Robles

    Hey, Miss Camille! A stylish traveler you really are! I’m still in love with your bag and shoes from the last post you featured them on. It’s also refreshing to see your bling choices match the hue of your bag. It gives a very soft touch to your look.

    Your clothes are a modern take on the Arabian Princess look. The sheer parts of your top show off your figure and the layers of your shorts ground the intricate detail of the sewn-on pattern by the side hems.

    I also love the Audrey Hepburn touch in the form of your hat! So classy and ladylike. The cute bow on it is so you!

    The last photo from this post is my favorite. You gave your ‘come-hither’ look with a sassy head tilt. I can definitely see this pose on a billboard!

    • Camille Co

      Ohhh I never thought of my outfit that way! Thank you Angelic! :)

  11. Vina Guerrero

    I made it to the top 21 cams! so happy!!! see you soon! :) I’m just wondering, isn’t your shorts too short? haha! nice outfit btw! :)

  12. Christine Koay

    I love your outfits here, Ms Camille! So breezy and so chic! That’s the way to travel in style! I was just wondering what did you buy in KL? where did you guys go and shop? I really hope to bump into you someday and take picture with you!! =)

  13. denisevhianca

    Oopsss, sexy butt is sexy :> HAHAHA! Black looks good on you <3 <3

    PS. I'm so sorry po if i always comment on your posts!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS BLOG!!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Nicole! I’m sure you’ll get to too! Just make time :)

  14. Joanna

    Hi ate camille! Can I ask what kind of undies did you wear here? Medyo sheer din kasi yung shorts eh haha

  15. Anne

    “One has to pack light in order to shop more.” Love it Cams! This is so true. Kailangan ng extra space for the shopping and pasalubong! Mahirap nang mag-excess baggage. LOL.

    Anyway I love this outfit. It elongates your legs more and makes you look taller. But you don’t need the height boost. I remember you saying you were 5’7″. Yay for tall girls! :)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Anne! :) Yes, kakahinayang when you exceed and have to pay pa!

  16. Tasha D.

    SO CHIC! Head to toe perfection once again! Perfect yung nail polish mo sa color ng shoes mo! Complements well!

    I can only imagine how easy your shopping trip went with that Chanel Backpack! Your hands are free to move kaya I’m sure ang tendency, dampot ka ng dampot ng uber nice things! Convenient nga pero harsh naman sa wallet! haha!

    • Camille Co

      Yes super! My friends got hassled though because I’d always ask them to get my stuff from my bag haha! :)

  17. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    Oh MY?! is that your butt peeking?? 0_0 I’m sure there are a lot of stares with your outfit :)) I thought it’s rainy in Malaysia when you got there? You really brave wearing this! hahaha! well, I can’t blamed you it’s really cute but I think it’s more appropriate for parties ^^

    • Camille Co

      Oh no it’s not! Haha! It just looks like it, but that’s just the fabric :)

  18. Sephie Rojas

    The top and shorts combo make you look like a hip modern day genie, lol! Packing just one pair of shoes and a bag? Hmm.. Maybe I should do that the next time I travel :) Although I usually just use one bag as a hand-carry (excluding my 1 luggage) during travels, I think I should start limiting my packed footwear next time :P

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