Show Me The Money


People often ask me when I find the time to take my outfit shots. I’m always so busy and on the go, it can get a little challenging. My solution? If there’s even the slightest down time, I grab it and make the most out of whatever I find. Like this location, for example. It’s not exactly the prettiest but since I was still waiting for my shoot to start, I asked permission from the team if I can go outside of the studio for a little while and take my outfit shots first. That’s one thing off my to do list!


Once you’re taking your outfit shots, pose your heart away! Emote emote lang! If passersby stare, don’t mind them. They don’t know you and you won’t see them again anyway. The more you mind them, the longer it’ll take you to finish. They probably just find your skirt cute anyway. Well, not really. I’m pretty sure they’re judging you too. Haha! But my skirt IS cute, isn’t it? (Claps for my segway skills.) I wonder if anyone really would show me their money. No? Even if I paired my skirt so perfectly with my checkerboard top and neon jacket? Oh well, Jessie J. did say it’s not about the money, money, money. We don’t need your money, money, money. LOL!



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Amorette jacket


Crayon (Haji Lane, Singapore) top


SM Accessories black and silver necklace Cornwall Street silver necklace


Chanel bag SM Accessories cuff and ring


Pinkaholic skirt


Fendi wedges

54 Responses to “Show Me The Money”
  1. Christine Koay

    I just love that you put the effort into taking your outfits shots even on your busy schedule.. it makes me love reading your blog more, Ms Camille! and gosh, i actually sang the song in my head.. hahaha.. just love it when you burst out in song.. =D and yes, the skirt is really cute! =) really love this outfits! i love your top especially…

  2. Yanshi

    Top and skirt-great combination! LIKE!!! Location plays a big role for shoots, but if the model knows how to work it even if the location is not the prettiest, the shots will still come out well. I think you did an amazing job!! :)))

  3. Pauline

    Hi Camille!
    I’m a new reader of your blog and I love all your outfits!
    Your outfit pictures are all very nicely taken, may I ask who is the that usually takes your outfit photos? And how do you make sure it turns out how you want it?

    Thanks! <3

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Pauline! It’s usually my fellow blogger or my friend or my assistant or my driver :) I just make sure to fix the settings on my camera :)

  4. Makura Santos

    Wow! I really love your whole look! :) I also have that Show Me The Money Skirt in color black and gray. I saw that skirt on Kpop Girl Group 4Minute’s latest MV. You’re so kawaii Ms. Camille! ^___^

  5. Alexis

    Love the top and shoes Ms. Camille! I love how you can make any outfit look fashionable :)

  6. Lovelight

    Hey Ms. Cams. I hope that one day makita man lang kita sa personal . Haha. Sana makapunta ka ng Gensan :)) You have lots of fans here. (kung mka fans) . Btw, love ur outfit especially the shoes..<3

  7. maebs

    Its been a long time since I’ve seen your Fendi wedges. The skirt is so pretty. :)

  8. Angelic Robles

    You look very much like a city girl, Miss Camille! :-) The contrast from your chosen background is not a hindrance at all. I think it even accentuates the statement you’re making in this outfit.

    The deviation from a monochrome look of black and white is evident here. Instead of pairing your clothing pieces with solid
    block colors like the pattern on your shoes, you added a different level to your ensemble by choosing to go print -on – graphic. It’s a first for me to see this combination. :-)

    I love this yellow hued jacket. You’re right, yellow does play up your features. :-) I also think this piece will go with your Camille Co for Tomato black and white bodycon dress.

    As for accessories, the punk edge you gave by choosing spikey bling and an oversized ring is genius! This is the unexpected element that always wows me on all your posts.

    • Camille Co

      I think so too! They’ll match my Tomato designs well. :) Thank you Angelic! And I agree, the background provided a good contrast :)

  9. denisevhianca

    black and yellow black and yellow + white (sorry if i’m annoying) hahahaha

  10. Vina Guerrero

    i didn’t notice the background nga eh! Sayo lang ako napapatingin lagi. naks! haha! :)

    • Camille Co

      For Chalk Magazine, which is already out this month :) Thank you Anne! :) We were so casual lang the entire time! :)

  11. Krish

    Hi Miss Camille, I really love your attitude in dressing up, the confidence and everything haha :) so inspiring :) i’m slowly finding the courage to wear clothes that are out of my “comfort zone” :)

    • Camille Co

      Thank you krish! :) That’s good to know! I hope you continue to do so! :)

  12. Sephie Rojas

    Jerry Maguire said it well, lolz! I haven’t seen those shoes in a long time! *o* I always have a hard time keeping my suade shoes dust-free these days :< I wish I had those dust brushes so I can maintain my shoes better :(

    • Camille Co

      The Valentino ones are much more demure haha! :) And yes, ang tagal na nito! :)

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