To Universal!


These crazy kids are ready to hit Universal Studios! It’s actually my second time to visit Singapore’s theme park so I’m quite prepared–cap, muscle tee, shorts and most importantly, a pair of sneakers and a bag that I won’t mind getting dirty!


It’s time to bring out the kid in me once again!


I don’t know why my friend, Lissa, over here seems all too happy to be with dear old Frankenstein.




The last time I was here, I was wearing a cropped shirt and shorts. I remember wishing I wasn’t wearing any sleeves because it was just too darn hot. This time, I made it a point to wear something breezy. If these huge armholes won’t do it, then I don’t know what can. Bikini perhaps? LOL!



Hey Ariel, don’t be such a mermaid!!! I don’t know what this shirt is trying to say but I found it so randomly funny–it’s so me!


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From Japan cap


H&M bra and muscle tee


Ambry bag


Keds sneakers


Femmex shorts


It’s only right to recharge after all those rides, right? What better way to recharge and refuel than to stock up on some sugar?


I’m waiting for Willy Wonka to pop out any minute now. LOL!


I’m sure there are plenty of candy in heaven!


How healthy.


This day was so exhausting but totally worth it! We’re one happy bunch of kids, see?

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  1. Bernadette Bernardino

    Hi I really admire your fashion expertise!!!! I wanted to own a pair of keds :(( How much ba pagkabili mo? Ahhh you look so fab with your keds <3

  2. Christine Koay

    OMG! I have missed out on your blog for a long time.. >.< Pardon me for my absent, Ms Camille.. I do hope you miss me.. LOL.. but it's ok if you don't.. haha.. Such a fun post.. I'm gonna go to Universal one day! And i really love your outfits here.. so breezy but stylish.. I really love your shorts! <3

      • Christine Koay

        I don’t really have the time to read at my work place.. =( I told myself i want to read, but too much work.. and when i got home, i’m a bit tired and have been reading blogs about wedding to get some idea about gate crashing game.. have you attended any traditional wedding? do you have any idea for the game? It’s my first time being bridesmaid and i’m excited.. LOL.. and i feel bad for not reading your blog… *sobs* but better late than never! I’m slowly catching up! =)

        • Camille Co

          Don’t worry! It’s okay :) At least you’re back! :) I don’t know that game, unfortunately :( I’m sure it’s nothing you should be worried about!

  3. Gladys

    I really love watching you wearing muscle tees. I wanna wear one too kaso d ko pa keri na makita ang bra. Mga tao naman kasi dito eh. >__<

    I tried pala yung DIY entry mo na fringe and fishnet. Kaso, flop! Hindi ko na tantiya ang strips na ginawa ko, ayun, instead of even yung count, nagind odd. AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TIE talaga! Inabot ako ng alas tres ng madaling araw dahil doon. (palahaw ng iyak!)

    (Punas luha) Friend nyo pala c Sir Champ?! :O Regards me nga, please. Gwapo kasiiiii. Bwihihihihihi

    • Camille Co

      Eh di wear a bandeau inside or tube top! :) Haha! Try again! Maybe you just need some practice. :) LOL! I will!

  4. rainy

    you’re outfit is so me! ;) yup, kinikilig ako. haha. :) i used to wear muscle shirts when I was in high school and my classmates would tease me as being boyish….and you just gave me an idea that I should wear pink instead. :) plus the matching leopard print bra instead of the usual nike sports bra. :) …and I see Champ on the last photo! :) *kilig na naman* ;) hahahah

  5. CC

    pretty as always!!! so sad i missed another chance of seeing you again :(( hope u had a really good time in sg!!!!! do not ever forget you have fans here in sg tooo!

  6. denisevhianca

    Your photo with Frankenstein is so cute! I love all the people here on your post! I really wanna meet you all sooooon. Pls!! :)
    (sorry if i commented so late.. 1 week pong walang kuryente samin dahil natumba po ung mga poste dahil kay bagyong santi)

  7. maebs

    I always remember you wearing geek top the last time when you were there. :) love your HAIR :)

  8. Rianna Custodio

    I’m really curious as to how you guys became friends! Posts like this make me really happy knowing that my fave fashion bloggers are so giddy and united! No competition :-) I hope you guys travel and do more things together! More power :)

    • Camille Co

      I’m so lucky to have met friends in my line work :) And not just friends, but really good friends! :) Thanks Rianna!

  9. Yanshi

    Your hair is like Ariel’s, minus the bangs hihihi :) RED HAIR! I love this outfit, especially the neon bag, your friends will definitely see you right away with this haha :)) Love the muscle tee too and the braaaa raawwrrr!!! Those chocolates and candies all look so yummmmy!! nakakaBATA hahaha :D :D I’m glad you all had fun there :)))

  10. Mimi

    Hi camille. I always look forward to reading your blogs everyday! Keep it up! :D

  11. bianca

    A bag you won’t mind getting dirty? So you chose a sponsored/gifted bag. How nice. I’m sure your sponsors appreciate the thoughtfulness.

    • Camille Co

      Oh dear, here we go again. It’s because of the material. I chose this bag because I can actually clean or wipe it after and it still looks cute with my outfit. Same goes for my shoes. Doesn’t mean I don’t love them. Same goes for my Furla bag that I bring to the beach. It’s not sponsored but hey, it’s perfect for the beach so I bring it with me.

      Try to be less sarcastic next time. I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

      • Colt Nava

        If I was the one who sponsored the bag I wouldn’t feel hurt or unappreciated if Camille feels like she won’t mind it getting dirty because I know that Camille would have a really good reason why of all the items she owned she chose this specific bag for this day. As one of the sponsors of Camille, I highly trust her decisions on when and where to wear my items, I know she will take good care of them and will have valid reasons on why she chose to wear my items on a specific event/travel. If the sponsors don’t trust her then they would not waste their time trying to contact her to send their stuffs. Just saying :)

        By the way, I think the bag was an awesome choice, Camille :)

        • Camille Co

          Thanks Kathleen! I was so neon my friends never had a hard time looking for me LOL!

          • Gladys

            Hala! Na HB ako dito ahh! >_____<

            Sorry po Miss Cams if nagbabasa ako ng comment ng may comment at sumabad. D ko mapigilan eh. . Naging ala Bellatrix Lestrange yung buhok ko pagkabasa nito.

            How did she able to think of something like that? Just by looking at the bag, one could easily guess why you wouldn't mind getting it dirty.
            Anyway, it's a free country. Tatahimik na ako. (Zip mouth)

            Asaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!! (Zip nga eh!)

  12. Angelic Robles

    Sweet posse’!

    Great group shots, Miss Camille! You look like a very stylish bunch indeed.

    I think you chose very sweet colors. The mood of your outfit is cheerful and light. It’s a great vibe to bring around an amusement park like Universal.( I’m gonna have to go with the four food groups mug.)

    I love the pink hue of your top. It’s so girly and fresh! The slogan is really very you. The way you paired this piece with printed shorts is so effortless, and the snapback is a great complement to the pattern on your shorts.

    The color blocking for your black and white pieces is clean and youthful. My favorite part are your Keds shoes! It’s a classic pair. I’m jealous! :-D

    • Camille Co

      LOL! The four food groups! :) Thanks Angelic! You should get a pair too! They’re super easy to clean and comfy too!

  13. Sephie Rojas

    OMG! Disney and Universal themeparks never fail to make me smile. You just can’t not smile when you see photos of these places, let alone when you’re actually experiencing them! Did you get to ride the rollercoaster this time? I remember before you said di ka naka-ride kase your ate was scared, haha! And at least you got outfit shots before you got super excited riding intense themepark rides like when you went to HK Disneyland before :)) True that! The breezier the outfit the more fun you’ll have in Universal!

  14. Ren

    It’s really more fun traveling with friends that are so close to you and to those who are not much cause as soon as you travel you’ll gotta be.

  15. Naaj Rona

    The photos are making me wanna go there. Loving your shorts against the muscle tee, it really looks amazing.
    Bikini???? You are funny Camille.

    Hey Camille, my latest blogpost is all about your Camille Co collection for Tomato. If you do get a chance then please check out and let me know what you think.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  16. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    Are you able to ride Battlestar Galactica this time? I remember you also have the same spot for your ootd shot the last time you went there with your family right? Excited to go back this December ;)

    • Camille Co

      With my sister :) Unfortunately I wasn’t able to still :( It was closed!!

      • Kay

        Camille did you read my email already? Regarding the winner of your Tomato giveaway? Just making sure I sent it correctly to your address! Hehehe ;)

  17. Anne

    Aaah! Roller coasters and sweets! This is my kind of heaven. LOL. I don’t know why but I really love roller coasters. I guess I love the adrenaline. My sister and cousins would often back out on one but I wouldn’t mind riding over and over again. :D Everyone looks so pretty and handsome Cams! I see my other fave bloggers too. Yay! I somehow wish we could be friends like in real life… Can we Cams? Hehehe. :)

    • Camille Co

      Oh you and me both! I super love theme parks because of rollercoasters! :) Aren’t we all friends already? :) Haha!

      • Anne

        Yay! All you replies make me feel like I’m part of your gang. Feeling close lang. Hehehe. Stay awesome Cams! I hope I bump into you one day on a roller coaster ride in a cute theme park. :D

  18. Lourine

    Correct me if I.m wrong but I remember you wearing the “geek” shirt on your visit back then. I also wonder what does the “don’t be such a mermaid” mean. Hehe. I think I should ask my good friend google. Haha.

    • Camille Co

      LOL! Do let me know what your good friend, Google, says :) And yes, you are right. I wore my “geek” shirt then :)

  19. Nory Anne Carpio

    It’s just amazing that even if you are wearing only a shirt and a short combo, you still look darn awesome. :))

    P.S, I hope that there might be a way for easy and better viewing of your site on mobile. The pictures take some time to load sometimes. :)

  20. Chelsea

    You’re very pretty, Ms. Camille. :) I like your photos very much! Those shorts are really cute hihi :”)

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