Feeling a little too cool for school in my getup. It’s probably because of the sunnies. There’s just something about polarized sunnies that can make anyone look as cool as James Dean. Can you believe I used to dislike them when I was younger? I remember back in the day, my brother would always buy polarized sunnies. I hated them with a passion because I thought they made him look so arrogant. But look at me now. I ate my words and they don’t taste good. LOL! This is the reason why whenever I get asked what item I’d never wear, I bite my tongue and say “never say never”, except maybe for platform flip flops.


I digress. Back to my sunnies! Now that I’ve welcomed polarized sunnies into my life, I just can’t get enough of them. I love how they’re always in the brightest colors! It’s practically impossible to go unnoticed whenever you wear them. This is the reason why they’re perfect for casual outfits that need a little drama. Look at me! I’m just wearing a loose shirt and a pair of shorts but there’s definitely some drama there.


I went for a matchy-matchy look for this one. I know some people try to avoid this because they find mtachy-matchy outfits boring or a little too much, but I think otherwise. You can always make things interesting by choosing different prints and textures like how I styled mine.


Besides, with a shirt like this, you can never be boring. I can’t stop staring at it! It looks like a 3D abstract modern jungle. Don’t you think so? Actually, looking at my entire outfit makes my brain go “in the jungle, the mighty jungle”. Haha! Even my necklace reminds me of a lion–you know, the type the lion king would wear? Darn it. This brain of mine is so weird.


Anyway, if you like my shirt, I have good news. You can get this and everything else on UrbanizeClothing.com at 10% off. All you have to do is type the code “BLOGGER101” when you check out. You’re welcome.


Sidebar sunnies from Masstige  | SM Accessories earrings


(My weird brain forgot where I got this necklace from but feel free to browse through my old posts to find out where I got it.)


Urbanize shirt


Love Eyecandy bag | H&M rings | Bayo shorts


Sergio Rossi heels


Hype this look on Lookbook.nu here.

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  1. Christine Koay

    You look so cool here, Ms Camille! It’s definitely because of the polarized sunnies.. totally add bonus point to it.. I haven’t try matchy-matchy look yet.. i’m just scare it will look weird on me.. but like you say, never say never! i haven’t think of anything i won’t wear yet.. hmm.. maybe leggings.. it doesn’t flatter me because i’m short.. and i sang in my head again even it’s just short verse of the song.. hahaha.. =D

  2. Tyrrah

    And they say, its a No!No! to wear prints on prints! I say heck! Yes! I do this all the time but why can’t they appreciate when I wear a printed top and printed shorts! uggh! I know you understand me! :)) I love it! I love you! :)

  3. Shie

    No wonder you’re a model. I like your skin and your legs! Haha! I want to be like you. :)

  4. Yanshi

    I love the 3rd and the last pic and those LEGS!!!! woooooow!! And they even looked more beautiful with those heels :)) I’ve seen you used those heels with different outfits and I’m still in awe whenever i see them hihihi :)) Super cool outfit!! <3

  5. Riechel Conlu

    this outfit is very wholesome. like chic style . :) like me as a teenager love to wear this outfit coz’ it’s very confy and simple but it got the style when you see it. love love :) also the perfect combination of the patterns. i love how you mixmatch it! ;) <3

  6. athena

    Hi miss camille! Were you in the Sunnies event in moa last thursday? i think i saw you there! You look so adorable and friendly talking with someone. Hehe. :D

  7. Angelic Robles

    So beautifully green! This is a shade I don’t often see you wear, Miss Camille! The timing is brilliant for this season! :-D

    Saw your posts for Soiree and I’m definitely excited to check out your designs. I’m tickled pink it’s for 6 months!

    Anyway, on to your outfit. It definitely matches in a way that isn’t overloading to the eye. The graphics plus the pattern on your shorts make a cool aesthetic that leaves you interested. I love how the contrast is very subtle because of the color palette. I took a closer look at the shape of your Urbanize shirt and found it to be very appealing for plenty of body types. Allow me to say you made it look very sophisticated.

    Even if the length of your shorts is for casual looks, I think it looks very well put together with your shoes. You elevate focal points very well when it comes to picking out pieces that mix.

    I have to commend you on that pair of polarized sunnies! You pull off a very electric vibe! Even your necklace plays up the look since it packs quite a punch. I agree, it does remind me of a scene from The Lion King. As for your clutch, it makes me want to raid Love Eyecandy.

    Been getting so many ideas from you for outfits good on casual days! Thank you always, for sharing plenty of tips with your posts.

    • Camille Co

      You’re welcome Angelic! And thank you as well for always leaving the best comments on here :) I hope you like my Soiree collection :)

  8. maebs

    Pretty shirt. :) I already saw your collection in soiree and it is so beautiful. :) I got kilig when I saw your poster :)

  9. Joicellene

    Wow! love the color of your outfit, that’s my favorite! :) By the way, hi miss camille! i missed visiting your blog! :)

  10. Zarah

    Haha! I feel the same way with platform flip flops! :) I really love your style, btw. :)

    • Camille Co

      Haha! Right? Why are there platform flipflops, whyyyyyy. Thanks Zarah!

  11. kat alejo

    Gosh. are you aware that you are exaggeratingly being idolized? haha i love you ate cams. <3

    A rare request from a fan outta here:
    Please do 'what's in my bag' thing.
    Or a shoes collection
    or wardrobe collection. that stuff.

    I'm just dying to see. Im drooling on your things. haha

  12. Diva In Me

    These polarized sunnies are just great! At first, I thought they would be gone in no time but they do stay for a while! I’m definitely glad to be able to enjoy this fashionable item for a while =)

  13. Vina Guerrero

    There are so many combinations that i find weird but if you wear it na here in your blog, it seems that there’s nothing weird with already. haha!

  14. Geannu

    Gorgeous, you look good in anything, I have been following your blog. I am also a designer/stylist wannabe, maybe when I retire lol.

  15. Ren

    Wow the shirt is totally awesome!! I thought you won’t reply comments anymore but I also thought you’ve got a lot of errands and work to do for us to have something to read to, right? Haha (you’ve got an understanding right here) ;)

    • Camille Co

      Yes, so many things to do! But although late, I always try my best to reply still :)

  16. Anne

    Love this Cams! I’m not so fond of the color green but this one is really pretty. My mom even sat beside me as I read through this post and asked me what I was doing. I showed her and she said “Ang ganda naman nang suot nya. Ang cute ng tshirt. Sino yan? Artista?” And I said.. “Yes Ma! Artista-hin kong idol. blah blah blah blah *goes fangirling and overtalks*”

    Your style is so amazing that even my mom loves you! Yay! ;)


    • Camille Co

      Hahaha awww masyado mo naman skong binuild-up :) LOL! Thank you Anne! :) Your mom is cute!

      • Anne

        Hahaha. I love yah that match! Superfan lagi ang peg. hihihi. Seriously if I meet you someday di ko maimagine baka nga-nga lang ako. XD

  17. Naaj Rona

    Never say Never, I live by that rule now as well and petrified to say never because you never know. Not a big fan of polarised sunnies but lately I’ve seen a lot of people wear them and they look cool, so may have to give it a try.

    Your outfit reminds me of Katy Perry and her song roar :)

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  18. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    I love matchy matchy outfits and im soo excited to wear my own polarized sunnies.. its blue too!!!

  19. Emmrose Villasfer

    The last photo! I told you it is your signature pose! Haha. Napansin ko talaga :D
    Buti, bihira lang mangyari ung nakakalimutan mo ung name ng mga brand. Sa dami ba naman niyan.Mygadd! lol
    Super duper love this heels! Its so sexy.

  20. rosevic

    this is too chic..love it so much.. :)) btw, since i got pregnant from 3 months until now that my due date is so near i noticed that i always want to see u everyday…haha alam na! in short kaw pinaglihian ko ms. camille..haha i just love you…

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