A Piece From Israel


I just love how the World Wide Web connects as all and makes it possible to get close to places that seem so far away. This necklace I’m wearing came all the way from Israel–a country I’ve always been curious about and longed to visit. I guess this little piece of art would do for now. It’s by Israeli designer Shani Jacob. Most of her pieces are made of materials such as leather, wood, brass, goldfield and poly, which is why it’s no surprise that my necklace, much like her other designs, look so unique. It definitely deserves to be the focal point of my entire outfit.

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45 Responses to “A Piece From Israel”
  1. Selina

    Maybe it’s not your style but Michal Negrin has some decorative pieces to consider

  2. Casy

    You should visit Israel! A country with incredible history. Went there last summer and it was amazing.


    Beautiful red skirt !
    I like wide strap in ankle and I have also suggested with mullet dress. I loved ! ! !

  4. Carina

    i saw your ad on sm lanang awhile ago! i was at the car and i was like “OH MY ITS CAMILLE CO!!!!” hahahaha and my dad asked me “who’s that?” my mom answered “she’s a fashion blogger from manila and we like her” LOL! :)))) maybe i should start showing my dad some of your looks eh? LOL! :D follow me on insta pleaaaaase! <33333 it would make my life AWESOME, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, ENCHANTED ;) hehehehe (insta: itscarinapascual)

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! Awww I love that it was your mom who answered :) How cute!!! :)

  5. Zab

    Hi there Ms. Camille. ;)

    This look, it’s classic aura somehow and I like it. And you nailed it with of course the title ‘a piece of Israel’, that necklace is definitely the emphasis of your total outfit! plus the background finishes it all, Great as always! Though I only visits your blog once a week (sorry bout that) but I considered myself your FAN. Thank you and Good luck. ;)

    Oh, btw can you please give me a helpful advice or tips on how to get toned with that body of yours (I really admired it!!)
    What should be my daily routine? >< and it's okay.

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Zab! I workout at least 3x a week :) I used to get so lazy going to the gym but it’s quite fulfilling when you start seeing results :) I hope you visit my blog more often! :)

  6. Kweng

    It’s amazing how you wear clothes with utmost sophistication. looove! <3

    –Finally made a comment after x years! yay! (fan girl since 2011 haha!)

  7. Angelic Robles

    Hi, Miss Camille! Hope you’re safe over in your side of the Metro that is Manila. We’ve been getting surprise rains over here in Cavite because of Typhoon Yolanda, so I apologize for my irregular days on posting comments. I’m still very much an avid reader of your blog and I too miss reading your posts on days no web connection is available to me.

    My waiting for a chance to go online has been rewarded, for you have successfully made my day by this post alone. :-) I was curious as to what you would pair your new necklace with, and I was taken aback by the simplicity of the mixes. The pattern on the triangular puzzle pendant is a great combination of retro, earthy, and modern. Such a fusion was something I didn’t quite equate with accessories, but your necklace takes the cake, complete with cherry garnishings on top. I also love the layered feeling of it- the half-collar in gold while the pendant hangs off it? GENIUS!

    I also applaud you for your choice of skirt length. I love how ladylike it looks against the light and background. The vibrant red is so full of life! As for your top, the neckline is gorgeous! A balance between flirty and classic. The way it augments right where your necklace’s gold half-collar starts is awesome! :-)

    For your bag, I didn’t know that slip- on-the-wrist handle purses came in this design and size! This is definitely going on my style pegs for statement pieces to add to my wardrobe.

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Angelic! Don’t worry about it! I understand. :) And yes, this necklace is genius! :)

  8. maebs

    were the same ate cams, i’m also curious about Israel and I think it is also a beautiful country :) it looks so classy. i love how you always pull your outfit off. :)

  9. Marichelle R. Sayaang

    Ohhhhh… How I love to visit Israel too.. my dream land… that place is very special to God and Jews are the apple of His eye.
    that piece piece of necklace Ms. Camille is soo beautiful, you’ve style it very very good. Chic and Sophisticated with a bit of palyfullness with clutch….

  10. Ren

    That geometric necklace is very unique and you won’t often meet someone who would have the same thing as you. I also love Rafé bag. I love the name of their brand aside from their great items

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