Want To Win This Bag?


Can my title be any more straightforward? Get a chance to win this super chic bag from Rafé New York by joining Rustan’s Style And Win A Rafé Bag contest! Now I know this beautiful bag is already getting you all excited but before I let you in on the all details of the contest, please try and focus on my outfit first. Don’t you dare skip these photos and scroll straight to to the end of this post. (I’m watching you.) You’ll never know, these photos may even help you out just a tiny bit with your contest entries.


So why the all white outfit to wear this bag with? Well, I wanted my new Rafé bag to be the center of attention. The pop of pink against an all-white ensemble makes this sophisticated and classic getup young and fresh. I also like how the different textures among my top, shorts and bag complement each other. I get all happy and tingly inside with subtle details like these. The laser-cut patterns on my top + the leather on my shorts + the scales on my bag = LOVE.

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WAGW top Emoda leather shorts Rafé bag | SM Accessories necklace Mango heels


And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for–the details on how to win a bag like mine or any of the Rafé bags in the photo above! (Namely, clockwise from left: Mini Roopal Satchel, Tina Tech Clutch and Monique Crossbody)


Pretty simple, right? Basically, all you have to do is follow Rustan’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Pick one out of the 3 Rafé bags you want to win and style a look for that specific bag. Just make a collage ala Polyvore like the samples above. Post this collage or style layout on your personal Instagram page with the hashtag #rustanslovesrafe and write a creative caption explaining where or when you can wear this look. Don’t forget to tag @rustansph on your post too!

Rafe Totengco will select the best style/style layout for each bag using the hashtag. After which, the 3 winners will be announced via an Instagram post on @rustansph with the Instagram Usernames of the winners. The winners will then have to send a private message to facebook.com/rustansph with their Instagram Username, Full Name, Email Address and Contact Number. Rustan’s will be replying to their private messages with the instructions on how to claim the prizes.

I hope everything is crystal clear! For more info, check out Rustan’s on Facebook and Instagram.


61 Responses to “Want To Win This Bag?”
  1. Christine Koay

    I love this all white look, Ms Camille! I really love the laser cut top. It’s so unique! What kind if inner wear are you wearing here? Is it a bustier? I’m not sure if you still remember the maxi skirt i bought months ago, i show you the link from romwe.com? The skirt is kinda sheer and can see through. Should i buy a nude panty or i can wear a camisole underneath it? My mum ask me to buy a camisole from H&M though. What do you think, Ms Camille?

    • Camille Co

      The top I’m wearing here has it’s own lining so no need to wear anything underneath. For your skirt, you can wear a half slip underneath :)

      • Christine Koay

        Oh i see.. sorry, it’s maxi dress, not maxi skirt.. LOL.. but the skirt is a bit sheer.. half slip? is it something like underwear? sorry, i’m a bit blur.. =.=

  2. Janey

    I love you Gorg Camille! You’re my idol ever since :) I want to be like you someday :)

  3. Cherys Lagda

    OMG! You, Kryz, and Laureen have the same top. Forever besties and All Gorgeous <3

  4. Camille

    Could i post 2 entries? for 2 different bags? or will it be invalid Ms. Camille? Your reply would be much appreciated, thanks :D

  5. gea riosa

    i love your top! Oh that is the wagw exclusives! kryz and laureen have that also. its kinda luxurious piece of clothing but it is affordable!

  6. Tyrrah

    Pwede bang sabihin na ang gooondaa at ang cute ng BAG! So feminine! Your so pretty in whatever you wear! Fashyon na Fashyon! I love it! You look like a very cute doll! the outfit brings out your skin color which makes you look more radiant! I love it! So love you! Thank You! :)

  7. Rica

    :D dami kong tawa dito “Don’t you dare skip these photos and scroll straight to to the end of this post. (I’m watching you.)” .. hahaha! ikaw na talaga cams! aside from your gorgeous outfit your humor draw so much attention from your readers like me. :)) I just started my day with a great smile on my face because of you! :) hahaha, and to the outfit, I love that glam.. I love the bag but it’s not for me, I’m the kind of person na mahilig sa huge bags yung tipong kasya lahat.. :) but will try my luck ^_^ again, thank you for making me laugh this morning.. :)

  8. Mau

    I love the expression from the first picture. Ugh! So ppppuuuurdy ♥

    I have a question. What’s a good combination with a cutout blouse like yours? I’m into cutout outfits recently, and I’m wondering what could be a good pair. :”> – Just one of your fans – Mau

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Mau! :) Any really. Pair it with a solid colored skirt or pants :)

  9. danica

    Everything you wear was so perfect to you!…I super duper envy your beautiful legs!

  10. Elaine

    You have nice skin. What products do you use for your skin? Or you have monthly skin treatment? Thanks! :)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Elaine! :) Facial Care takes care of my skin. I use Olay creams and La Roche Posay :)

  11. Vina Guerrero

    i envy your hair! i wish bagay din sakin mag full bangs haha! love how you styled the bag!

  12. Ren

    I knew it at first when I saw your top it really was from WAGW because I often see it in when I passed by their store. You look milky! haha ;)

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