Camille Co For Cole Vintage Holiday Collection

Ho ho ho! I have plenty of gifts for you before 2013 ends. After Camille Co For Tomato (#CamilleCoForTomato) catered to the trendy college girls and yuppies, GTW Soiree x Camille Co (#GTWSoireeXCamilleCo) for the teens, Camille Co For Romwe (#CamilleCoXRomwe) for the fashion-forward set, now comes another special design collaboration. This time for the mature, sophisticated and classy women. I present […]


Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles

I have an exciting mini project with Lenovo that I really want to share with all of you. Why? Because it’s an interactive one where your input is needed. Yes, YOU! So read up, participate and you just might get rewarded. So what is this project all about? This a a creative collaboration among myself, talented […]


Camille Co For Soiree

Listen up, teens! I’ve got something special for you. Let me present to you, Camille Co For Soiree! Yes, another design collaboration! Woot! This time, it’s with retail giant, SM’s Girls Teens Wear (GTW). If you remember, I was a brand ambassador for SM GTW before, so it feels great to be working with them […]