Hang To Dry

The photos below are from my shoot for The YS Hotlist I blogged about here. Too bad there wasn’t enough space to publish them on the paper so they didn’t make the cut. The concept for these was supposed to be to hang Coexist clothes or my designs behind me, but major fail on my […]


Candie’s Fashion Show

And the show finally starts! Get ready for tons of photos on this post. I want those who weren’t able to attend the show to be able to visualize what basically happened. :) Vanessa Hudgens, Candie’s latest endorser. My face on the huge screen! :) The talented dancers open the show. Check out the giant […]


The YS Hotlist

I was finally able to scan my feature on broadsheet Philippine Star’s Young Star section that came out last May 6. I always miss my features (boohoo) but this time I was finally able to get myself a copy! Tada! I just had to lighten and blur the hell out of the ad beside my […]