Blog Giveaway: Go Further and Get Fit! (CLOSED)

Whenever I post photos of myself in sexy outfits, I always get questions about how I keep myself fit. It’s simple really. I work out. Yes, I may have been blessed with a fast metabolism and small frame but being thin doesn’t equate to being fit. Being thin doesn’t mean well-proportioned. And lastly, being thin […]


Age Is But A Number

Age is but a number, your BioScore however, tells you much more. BioScore is basically how old you really are biologically in comparison to your actual age. So for example, I may be 28 now, but how old my body really is doesn’t depend on my age alone. It is a combination of various factors […]


28 Life Lessons From The Now 28 Year Old Me

It’s my birthday! Wooooot! I’m now officially 2 years away from reaching the dreaded dirty thirty. (Dun dun dun duuuuuuuun…) So in place of the usual fashion/travel post, I thought I’d do a birthday special instead. Here’s a (super rare) personal post for you–28 life lessons I’ve learned so far. 1. You’ll meet a lot […]