Start Fresh Essentials + Blog Giveaway

Don’t you ever wonder why you feel so refreshed and recharged whenever you get out of the shower? I mean, you’re really just cleansing your body and getting rid of dirt but it feels as if you’re washing away all your stress and worries too. And just like that, you’re reborn and ready to take on […]


VLOG: Basic Core Workout

Here it is! My first blog post on my workout routine. A lot of you always ask me how I get in shape so I figured, why not show you? Admittedly, I don’t really gain weight easily but I still workout because I like my muscles toned and strong. Disclaimer: I’m no hardcore gym buff. […]


VLOG: Hello Youtube!

This has been months in the making which is why I’m more than excited to finally launch my first ever Youtube video as a vlogger! Woohoo! Yes, Camille tries to vlog now! I’ve already shot a few videos with my team, the awesome Exposure.Ph and we’ll slowly upload them in the coming weeks so please […]