No Excuses

I always used to say I can never work out without a personal trainer to motivate me. Without one, I’d probably go to the gym and just take my time doing half-baked exercises. For years, you won’t ever see me even attempt to work out on my own. But lately, to my surprise, I’ve actually […]


Up, Up And Away!

Practically everyone I know is already off to some summer destination this time of the year. I’m sure most of you guys are as well. But if you’re one of the few who still don’t have your summer travel plans figured out, don’t fret. Make the most out of what’s left for summer without traveling […]


Hong Kong with Ford Design Challenge

Last January 2016, Ford whisked me away to Hong Kong to witness the Redress Forum 2016: Ford Design Challenge. The event is designed to bring together emerging fashion designers and thought leaders to drive the conversation about the future of sustainability in both the fashion and automotive industries. During the event, the designers were tasked […]