White Knight

I found my white knight (in shining armour). Now before you start thinking I’m finally talking about my love life or a tall, handsome boy sweeping me off my feet, let me burst your bubble right now. I’m actually talking about my new baby–Sony Xperia Z5 in classic white. Although it’s quite handsome as well […]


Playing Pretend At Palais Royal

Let’s play pretend. Let’s pretend I were Parisian with my little beret and undying love for anything black. I’d probably own a bike–the no-fuss kind that has a simple basket in front for me to store my books and baguette in. Every morning, I’d ride it to the Palais Royal just to enjoy the early […]


Travel Diary: Paris After Dark

In our quest for one of a kind tours in Paris, my sister and I booked Localers’ “Walk On The Dark Side Of Paris” tour–an urban exploration around Paris’ darker, seedier and spookier side. It’s definitely not like your usual tour. We were treated to stories of Paris’ untold legends, mysteries and murders against the […]