Travel Diary: Paris

Closing my Paris series with a bang! I thought I’d compile all the photos I took of the places we visited during our short time in Paris to give you a visual feast for the eyes. Below you’ll find Paris’ famous landmark the Arc De Triomphe, the setting of Victor Hugo’s novel the Notre Dame […]


Tour Eiffel

I still remember the first time I went up the Eiffel Tower. It was back in September 2007 during my student exchange program. I was with a bunch of my friends from school and we decided to go up the tower one night. Of course, it was the most magical thing ever. The Eiffel Tower […]


Another Visit To Versailles

Back in Versailles once again to tour my sister around. I’m not complaining though because just look at it! I’d gladly stay here forever! Well…maybe not during winter season because I’ll freeze to death. Spring time Versailles, however, is divine. See for yourself. I’ll spare you from my long commentary since I’ve already blogged about Versailles before […]