Meeting Potter

Two months after and I’m finally blogging about my trip to Osaka, Nara and Kyoto! Woot! I’m starting this travel series off with a style post taken on our first full day in Osaka. Since it was my sister who planned our itinerary, our first stop was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (She’s a […]


Outdoor Fitness Camp With Roxy

It’s no secret that whenever I’m at the beach, I just laze around all day and stare into the sunset. All that hard work I put into achieving a fit physique immediately goes down the drain because I just eat, sleep, sunbathe, repeat. But at Roxy’s Outdoor Fitness Girls Camp, it’s the opposite. We did […]


Earning My Stripes

Stripes just might be one of my all-time favorite prints. I’ve never noticed it until now, but I seem to gravitate towards striped pieces when it comes to my sartorial choices. For some reason, they all look different to me and I just HAVE TO have them, especially when they’re in black and white. You won’t believe […]