Bohol Bound

I remember during my elementary school days, we used to have this subject called social studies where we learned about Filipino culture, national symbols and tourist spots. Because of this subject, I’ve always associated certain cities with the things I learned in my textbooks. In Bohol’s case, two things come to mind–tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills. […]


Draw Me In

Watching the sun set in a new city is like waiting for a sweet surprise. You’ll never know what’s in store for you but it’ll take your breath away anyway. It’s amazing how each city’s sunset is uniquely different from the other. This one is from the charming city of Bohol. It has a delicate pastel-colored […]


Au Naturel

When you’re in the midst of nature, it’s nice to take inspiration from it. Strip down to the basics (not necessarily to your underwear LOL) and go au naturel. Opt for the no make-up look, disheveled hair and a simple and clean tunic like this. Trust me, you’ll feel and look more beautiful than if […]