Tiger’s Nest

Here comes the main event–our hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest or as locals call it, Takstang Goemba. The impressive monastery seemingly defies gravity, perched atop the edge of a 1200 meter tall cliff. Yes, 1200 meters–which means it’s quite a hike up. Going into it, I was both excited and wary–excited because I’ll finally […]


Pure and Cool

If you follow me on Snapchat, then you probably already know my family is currently building a new home. Mom and dad has been hands off with the project so it’s basically just me and my siblings who are taking care of the entire thing. As the fashion designer in the family, my role is […]


Do Like The Locals Do

After our trip to the temple of the Divine Madman, our guide Mani brought us to a beautiful hillside to enjoy a quiet picnic lunch. Together with our driver, he carefully laid down a nice comfortable mat for us to sit on and arranged all the warm dishes they prepared for us. It was the […]