Travel Diary: Lyon, France

When I was studying in France back in college, my friends and I used to travel to different parts of Europe every weekend. Most of the time, we’d ride the train from Gare Du Nord and backpack our way around a new city. Since this is my sister’s first time in Europe, I wanted her […]


Travel Diary: Place Neuve, Parc Des Bastions and Palais Des Nations (UN)

Everywhere you look, it feels like the alps are just a few steps away. This is how beautiful Geneva is. Today, I’ll show you more of the picturesque city with another travel diary featuring 3 of its top tourist spots–Place Neuve, Parc Des Bastions and Palais Des Nations. Place Neuve is said to be one […]


Travel Diary: Old Town Geneva

When the new year started, I was thinking of new things I can do with my blog, hence the new look. But aside from this change, I wanted to add something new content-wise as well, so I thought of my other passions. What else do I love to do? What other passion of mine can […]


Less Than 24 Hours In Cebu

A day before I flew to Switzerland, I had a meet & greet scheduled for Islands Souvenirs in Cebu as part of their Sinulog campaign. Although I was only in Cebu for less than 24 hours, I definitely made the most out of it. I did interviews, gave a talk and attended Islands Souvenirs’ Cut […]


La Union Photo Diary

I promise this is the last of my La Union beach posts. Tomorrow, we’re back to the usual outfit posts from the city. Sigh. I will miss these dreamy photos, golden undertones and clear skies. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, Carol and I went on this trip because she wanted to try […]


Hello Sunshine

Don’t you just love maillots? Especially when they’re in fun prints like this? It’s my favorite from The Orchid Boutique’s collection of Maaji swimwear because it actually makes use of the prints to create a flattering illusion. It has light padding and underwire too so it creates a little cleavage there in my hopelessly lacking […]


By The Shore

Another day at the beach, another Moeva London bikini. If I could just get all of Moeva’s designs, I would. Their designs are so fashionable and not to mention, flattering as well. I mean I look like I actually have womanly curves. LOL! I didn’t know that was possible!!! I wish I could’ve stayed longer […]


Clear Waters, Clear Skies

When my friend Carol came home from New York for the holidays, she mentioned she wanted to take a quick beach trip and take surfing lessons while she’s here. Since I haven’t been to the beach for quite some time now and I’ve never tried surfing my entire life, I jumped on the opportunity and […]


The Alps

Sorting through my photos from Switzerland and I just can’t contain my excitement any longer. The view is heavenly. The mountains always feel like they’re a stones throw away.  I still have a few blog posts to make before I get to these photos so I wanted to give you a sneak peek for now. […]


Daddy’s Girl

I can now officially say that each and every member of my family has taken my outfit shots for my blog. Hooray! I never thought this day would come! So who’s the last member? It’s none other than my dear daddy-o! I remember when I first learned I was flying to Singapore with him. I […]