One Skirt, Two Looks (Look #2)

You’ve seen the first look I styled using this skirt yesterday so here’s the second one I came up with. If the previous one was classy and sophisticated, this one is much more young and flirty. It’s for the fun and outgoing girls out there so I hope you like it! To keep it sexy, […]


One Skirt, Two Looks (Look #1)

When I first got this skirt from Romwe, I fell in love with it completely. It’s just so puffy and feminine, it makes me want to twirl and skip around a garden full of daisies and roses and sing along with birds and squirrels. (Yes, I am a Disney princess. I’ve been keeping this a […]


Hidden Gem

I am in love with this quaint café! I’ve been to Cebu multiple times but it was only until January when I flew in for Sinulog and Islands Souvenirs that I found out about La Vie Parisienne. The wooden floors, weave chairs, plush pillows, pink blossoms—practically everything about this place is a dream! This is […]


Just For Kicks

There was a time in my life (many many times in my life, actually) that I had zero sports or health-inclined activities. I’d always have moments when I’d let my laziness take over for not just months, but years! You won’t see me step foot inside the gym or break a sweat. No morning walks. […]


Weekend Getaway

A long time ago, I was asked about what I love most about living in Metro Manila. I said I love that it gives me the best of both worlds–the bustling metropolitan and then just a few hours away, the unpretentious beauty of nature. Resorts, beaches and various getaways are just a short road trip […]


Triple Treats

Hey hey! I come bearing good news! I don’t know if you’ve passed by a Watsons store lately, but if you have, I’m sure you’ve already seen the Watsons Triple Treats posters plastered all over. Now before you move along and ignore them, I urge you to stop, look and listen (yes, I sang these […]


No Diving

I’ve grown increasingly fond of one-piece swimsuits lately. Whenever I’m at a resort or a beach, I seem to notice girls in one piece swimsuits more than those in bikinis. Obviously, this wouldn’t be the case if I were a guy. LOL! But seriously speaking, they always have the best prints and designs. This is […]


When The Night Falls

On our final night with Nivea at El Nido, I thought it was only fitting to wear the brand’s main colors, blue and white. It was my little way of saying thank you to Nivea for showing us such a great time. Since the party was held outdoors, I thought a sexy cropped top from […]


By The Street

I’ve officially run out of blog titles and things to say. Or maybe it’s just one of those days when my brain decides to shut down on me. Thanks a lot, brain. Now that you’ve been warned of my brain’s leave of absence, prepare for random gibberish to accompany these beautiful outfit shots that I […]


Prima Ballerina

Hello, I am now fully clothed once again. LOL! In case you’ve forgotten how completely wholesome I am because of all my beach posts, here’s an outfit post featuring one of my sweetest dresses ever. It’s blush. It’s pleated. It’s embellished. What more can you ask for? The girly girl in me just couldn’t resist.  Of […]