I Seafood, I Eat Food

I’m trying to recall a time when I’m in Cebu and I don’t pig out. Hold on, let me think. The verdict is in. The answer is most certainly, NEVER. It’s just impossible to resist Cebu’s food. It’s practically the highlight of all my Cebu trips. (Sorry, Cebuano friends, I love you but you’d have […]


Learning To Cope

When the heat is starting to get to you, the best way to cope is to wear something comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tiis-ganda but when you’re sweating like a pig (even if it’s a very cute pink pig), I doubt you’ll find anything beautiful about that. You can look every bit as fashionable anyway in weather-appropriate and […]


Uptown Funk

Neutrals have always been a winner with the more mature set, but that doesn’t mean youngsters (*cough* like me *cough*) can’t sport them and still look every bit as funky. I always say, it’s all about the styling. You don’t just look at an item and judge it by its face value by instantly dismissing […]


Hair Tutorial: 3 Sweet-Looking Braided Hairstyles For Prom

If you don’t have the luxury of going to a hairdresser or stylist to do your hair for prom, don’t fret! I’ve come up with 3 super easy, sweet-looking braided hairstyles you can cop–starting off with a half-up, half down braided hairstyle, a braided ponytail and finally a braided updo. I know braids can be […]


Girl Boss

I always find women who wear pant suits to parties incredibly sexy. I know it sounds so ironic because it’s a look that’s borrowed from the boys and there’s not a lot of skin and curves involved. But there’s a lot to be said about women in suits. They’re clearly dressing for themselves and not […]


Get Summer Ready

One week to go before March arrives which means we have one week to go before summer officially begins. It’s always around this time of the year that the sun becomes scorching hot once again which is why practically everyone hits the beach. But before you plan your beach getaway, your friendly neighborhood blogger would just like […]


Going Green

Japan has made me a lover of anything that has green tea. Green tea drink, green tea ice cream, green tea cake, green tea chocolate, green tea perfume, green tea lotion… basically green tea everythaaaaang. It’s just one of the few healthy things that is actually really good in any form which is probably why […]


Take A Closer Look

Just when you thought this outfit is for plain jane, take a closer look and you’ll find many surprises. There’s a major strap situation from the back, a couple of side slits, a dainty anklet thrown into the mix, and a sleek new local discovery that is the Ibarra watch. Put them all together and […]


Ready For Valentine’s

It’s that time of the year again when hearts all over the world are beating double time. If you already have a date for Valentine’s Day, good for you. If you don’t, there’s no need to binge on romantic movies and drown yourself in unhealthy (but oh so good) food that you’ll regret the next […]


Amor Amorita

This is why there’s never a day I’m not thankful to live in the Philippines. Yes, the traffic does drive me crazy every now and then. The political landscape and our economy aren’t ideal neither. BUT there’s no denying our country’s beauty. We have the most breathtaking beaches that are quite easy to get to. […]