Smart Summer

Boracay can be the best of both worlds. It can provide relaxation and serenity. And at the same time, be the hottest place to party during summer. So which is it now? After my quiet time at Shangri-la Boracay last March (as you’ve seen in my previous posts here, here and here), I went back to my […]


No Way But Up

I’ve always loved balloons. I remember as a kid, I’d always make sure to bring even just one balloon home whenever we’d attend a kiddie party. Fast forward to my 26-year-old-supposedly-adult-self, I’m still bringing balloons home with me. LOL! In my defense, I didn’t steal these away from any kids. My friends threw me a […]


Skittle Skies

There’s nothing more romantic than staring at the sunset with the sounds of the waves crashing on the background. I wasn’t a beach baby before but as you can probably tell from all my beach posts, I became a convert somewhere along the way. I love everything about it–the food, the environment, the lifestyle and even the […]


New On My Radar

There’s a new social network in town! Now before you roll your eyes and whine about how you can’t keep up with all these social networking websites popping and left and right, hear me out. I understand how you feel. I too love social networking but don’t like having to get to know and adjust to […]


Where The Wind Blows

I apologize for my lack of updates. Spain was just so beautiful, I momentarily forgot about everything else. Don’t worry, I’m getting my groove back so I’ll be posting regularly once again, starting with another beach post. As you may recall, I spent a few days at Shangri-la Boracay a few months back. Because it’s tucked away […]


Yellow Is For Summer

There’s always an “it” color set by the fashion gods each summer season. One time, it was pink. The other time it was orange. It’s a never-ending process. For me however, no matter what the “it” color is for the season, yellow has always been a personal favorite of mine during the season of the […]


Sunset Hits

You haven’t truly experienced a beautiful sunset if you’ve never been to Boracay. No really. Not to brag or anything but we have the BEST beach sunsets EVER. No other place can compare. Others may have their castles, palaces, temples, cathedrals and ruins BUT when it comes to beaches, we take the cake. (Ibigay mo na. Sa […]


Diamond In The Rough

I’ve used this blog title before but because I seem to have left my brain in the Philippines, I can’t think of anything else. I’ve been staring at my laptop for a good 30 minutes and nothing is coming to me. All I see is that diamond-shaped peek-a-boo at the middle of my top. It’s not […]


Watch The Pronovias Fashion Show With Me

Today is the day! As you all know, I’m currently in Barcelona to cover the Pronovias Fashion Show once again. If you saw my post about it last year, then you should know that Pronovias produces the best fashion shows. More so now because this year marks Pronovias’ 50th year in the business. WOW! That’s fifty […]


Afternoon Stroll

If our weather was a little breezier, maybe I’d actually consider strolling around one of our local parks. I’d wear something like this–a simple top, a light soft skirt and a comfortable pair of flats. One can only dream, right? In reality though, I was sweating like a pig (a cute and fashionable little pig FYI) […]