Pink Sunset

I just came from a shoot again here hence the super heavy makeup. I can’t seem to remember for what though because these were taken soooooooo long ago. I think it wasn’t even rainy season yet when I shot these. It was THAT long ago! Oh how time flies. It seems like summer was just […]


Be The Next Face Of SM Beauty and Get A Feature On Preview!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model, seeing your face all over stores and getting dolled up for a shoot to be featured on one of the country’s top fashion magazines like Preview? If it’s a resounding YES that I’m hearing from you then read on below! Your dreams just might become a reality! […]


Skate Park

I never knew this side of Orchard existed in Singapore! There’s a skate park right behind the posh Orchard road. How cool! Since my outfit looked like something a misfit would wear, I thought this backdrop is totally perfect for my last outfit post from Singapore. (Yes, there’s another one. I almost forgot about this outfit […]


Forever Summer

I’ve got my turban on which only means one thing, I’m feeling a little boho tonight! Why? Because that’s what it says on the invite! It says to come in summer-themed, boho chic attire because Closeup has something fun and exciting to launch. Hmmm what might that be? Read on! The Closeup launch party was […]


My Dandy Outfit

As promised, here’s more of my dandy outfit from my previous post. In an attempt to look as effortlessly sexy as Gandy is in a shirt, I got my new favorite low cut shirt from Sexy White Shirt and tried my best to channel Gandy. Of course I added my own style into the mix. This is […]


Dandy Like Gandy

Do you know David Gandy? You know, that hot British supermodel who’s known to be one of sexiest, most influential and successful male models in the world? He’s graced the pages of countless magazines and ads, including Dolce & Gabbana which he’s most famous for. If you don’t know him and are Googling him as […]


Just A Little Boyish

A Feng Shui master once told me that the date and time I was born on had a very masculine aura. He said this is the reason why I have quite a lot of masculine traits. I do agree with him to some extent. Don’t get me wrong, I move and act like a a […]


To Universal!

These crazy kids are ready to hit Universal Studios! It’s actually my second time to visit Singapore’s theme park so I’m quite prepared–cap, muscle tee, shorts and most importantly, a pair of sneakers and a bag that I won’t mind getting dirty! It’s time to bring out the kid in me once again! I don’t […]


Back In Singapore

I visited Singapore again! This time, I went with my friends during the F1 weekend. This is what I wore to the airport–which I regretted the minute I walked into the plane. You see, I only had around a little over 2 hours of sleep and was extremely sick then. I had a slight fever […]


Le Sweet

I received a sweet surprise in the form of a LeSportsac bag a few weeks back. It’s so sweet, it’s actually named Le Sweet! How adorable! How I wish those yummy candies on my tote bag are real! They look good enough to eat–scratch that–DEVOUR! If you’re wondering why my LeSportsac bag is candy-themed, it’s […]