I’m Wearing Minnie Mouse

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I was going to the happiest place on Earth–Disneyland (Hong Kong). If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I’m sure you saw my numerous tweets and photos during my short vacation. It’s quite obvious I had SO MUCH FUN!!! How can I not??? I am […]


Make The Cut

Remember our household help, Erlindol, a.k.a. my original photographer? :) She’s baaaaaaaaaack! I love how she was able to capture my hair as I turned around. Pantene would approve of this photo haha! Anyway, so here’s my outfit of the day. It’s really simple but bold at the same time. I think whenever there are […]


I Wear Emoda

Finally, an outfit post taken in Manila! I feel like it’s been forever since I last took an outfit shot here in our country. Let’s give the color splash a rest, shall we? Who wants a little black and white action? I was feeling a little Japanese minimalist yesterday so I decided to wear black […]


Ribbons & Chains

Every time I’m in an Asian country (outside of the Philippines of course), I tend to pack at least one cutesy outfit. This is it! Doesn’t get any cute than this! I mean, have you seen how big my ribbon necklace is??!! Galit sa ribbon! I find this outfit kind of preppy. It must be […]


These Blue Suede Shoes

These blue suede shoes are well-traveled! They’re back in Hong Kong again! Before flying back to Manila from New York, we decided to stop by Hong Kong first to help us adjust our body clocks and get rid of our jet lag. That or it’s just a lame excuse for us to shop and eat […]


Rescue PH

The Philippines need your help. After enduring the heavy rains of Tropical storm Gener, the Southwest Monsoon hit Metro Manila and neighboring provinces once again. It felt like Ondoy all over again. My parents actually tried going out of the house but all the streets were flooded. Thankfully, we were able to keep ourselves safe […]


Blog Giveaway: Win P10,000 Worth of Shopping Spree At Warehouse! (CLOSED)

Didn’t I tell you the giveaways are coming? I’m a woman of my word! Here’s a mega giveaway from one of the best British brands available in our country–Warehouse! As stated on my current header/banner ad, Warehouse is opening another branch at Powerplant Mall this August 10 (Friday). To celebrate this new addition to the […]


Madison & 5th

Guess where I went? Before starting a full day of shopping (again), I dragged my mom to Central Park to take a few photos for my blog. I think I’ve been here when I was a kid but I don’t really remember. I wish we have parks like this in Manila! Central Park is HUGE. […]


Blog Giveaway: Win $100 from SheInside.com! (CLOSED)

It’s been a long time since I last held a giveaway. Don’t worry, they’re coming! Let’s start with another one from one of my favorites, SheInside.com. So what’s the prize? SheInside.com is giving away a $100 coupon code to 1 lucky winner! Imagine how many items you can buy with that! Ready to submit your […]