If you live in Manila, I’m pretty sure you’ve witnessed a scene like this at least once–a bunch of people gathered in a restaurant, all in red. If it’s not New Year, then it only means one thing: it’s someone’s birthday (unless they’re part of a choir or some team of sorts haha)! :)

Anyway, in my case, it’s my grandfather’s 84th birthday. Happy birthday Angkong! (“Angkong” is Chinese for grandfather).

Zara dress | Topshop peter pan collar top (worn inside) | From Hong Kong leopard belt

Mulberry bag | Aldo and H&M bracelets

SM Department Store socks | Zara wedges

Hype this look on here.

8 Responses to “Traditions”
  1. Christine Koay

    Love this red dress here, Ms Camille! Red + leopard are really made for each other!
    P/S: i’m a bit confuse.. isn’t grandfather called ‘Ah Kong’ instead of angkong? 阿公 is ah gong.. angkong in hokkien means God, 神… i’m really confuse here.. (insert confused face)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Angkong is hokkien. In Mandarin, it’s 祖父 :)

      • Christine Koay

        Hmm.. maybe different place, different pronunciation then.. cuz in my place, when we say angkong, we meant 神.. and we call grandpa also as 阿公 in hokkien.. and we called 祖父 as ‘zho kong’.. LOL.. thanks for explaining, Ms Camille! =)

  2. Trisha

    IKR! I wear all reds too! HEHE What do you call these kinds of dresses. I still see them everywhere =))) I love the whole school girl touch or baby collar thing =))) Adds sweetness? HEHE

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