Fun House

Taken after a shoot. I wish I have my very own telephone booth too “How I Met Your Mother” style. Wouldn’t it be cool?

Anyway, on to my look: a little print on print on print action. That’s print x3 for you! Try it out instead of the usual print x2. You’ll have fun for sure!

H&M cardigan | The Second Shop top | Topshop skirt | vintage Escada belt

Japan necklace

Gold Dot connector ring | Bijoux de Lou thunder ring and robot ring | WAGW bracelets | Michael Kors watch

Fendi wedges

Hype this look on here.

4 Responses to “Fun House”
  1. Clariss

    for me you really is the best person in mix and matching. How can you look so great with all those prints! it doesn’t look OA :)) Blazers/jackets/cardigans were really your best friends in the past haha :) that’s why I’m also stacking up those :)) love it! :)

  2. Isabelle Victoria

    And I’m so bored today here at work! At ito ang naisipan kong gawin. Going through all of your blogs in the history! :)) Evolution of the clothes you wear, how you put the photos, but still the same Camille(poses). :))

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