If you watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and its many spinoffs (I know you do, don’t deny it haha!), I’m sure the word “Dash” rings a bell. It’s the store the 3 Kardashian sisters own and run. I actually got to visit a Dash store in SoHo last summer and liked a number of brands they offer. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I observed, the Kardashian sisters don’t really design their own clothes for Dash. It’s just a boutique that sells a variety of celebrity labels and more so if you want your Kardashian fashion fix, you may want to check out Dorothy Perkins instead. Want to know why?

This is why! This ferociously sexy leopard print dress is from Dorothy Perkin’s recent collaboration with Kourtney, Kim and Khloe called the Kardashian Kollection. To be honest I did not see this coming AT ALL! I mean I never really pegged Dorothy Perkins as the sexy Kardashian type but lookey! Doesn’t this dress look so Kardashian AND Dorothy Perkins at the same time? Actually, when I saw the collection in person a day before the launch, I was quite impressed. All the clothes are so sophisticated and tastefully sexy. Kudos to the design team!

I ended up selecting this to wear for the Kardashian Kollection launch. It’s actually also available in plain black (which was my first choice), but then I thought, why not try something new for a change. I usually stay away from sexy dresses in even sexier prints but I’m glad I tried this. Time to unleash my inner beast haha!!!

Since there’s a peek-a-boo on the center to show my non-existent cleavage, I did my “Life Is A Beach” miracle pose again. LOOK, IT REALLY WORKS! It looks like I have an actual cleavage haha! But seriously speaking, this is my favorite part of the dress.  I love the little gold bar above it.

Most of the pieces from the Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins are like this–sexy and figure-flattering in simple silhouettes and fabulous fabrics. Aside from this, there were quite a lot of pieces that stood out for me so I suggest you check the collection out. The collection has leather leggings, printed blazers, sequined numbers, mesh tops and metallic clutch bags just to name a few. They’re available only at Dorothy Perkins, Rockwell and Mall of Asia.

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YSL ring | Jimmy Choo bag

YSL shoes

Dorothy Perkins x Kardashian Kollection dress

134 Responses to “Dash”
  1. Chantel

    I love this dress, too sexy!! How i wish Dorothy Perkins still have this…:)

      • Chantel :)

        Yah i know! too bad for me. i already saw this before when you post it.. I just dont have enough time to put a comment.But now even im quite busy i can still catch up.xoxo

  2. Patrice Aliman

    “Since there’s a peek-a-boo on the center to show my non-existent cleavage, I did my “Life Is A Beach” miracle pose again. LOOK, IT REALLY WORKS! It looks like I have an actual cleavage haha!”
    -This is probably the best sentences I have ever read in your blog. Haha! You are hilarious, woman! :)) Pero kahit naman wala kang cleavage, ang sexy mo pa rin! Especially in this dress. Gotta love it.

  3. gladys

    Can’t really help myself from laughing when you said ‘non-existent cleavage’. :)

    Love the dress. I really checked out Dorothy Perkins online.

  4. maebs

    when I saw your picture one thing that comes up with my mind that your outfit is sophisticated. :) you never fail to impress us, and you always pull it off. :)

  5. Charisse Roa

    Sexiness to highest level, Miss Camille! Before I even read this post, I knew it’s something related to the Kardashians because of the title and of course the leopard printed fabric :) Binabagyo na kami dito sa Cebu pero and hot lang talaga ng outfit mo :))))

    • itscamilleco

      I don’t? Haha! I just make sure to store them back into individual containers :)

  6. michaela

    hi ms. camille! You’re so Gorgeous and SOOOO SEXY! :) i love all the things that you wear! :)
    if you’re not busy can you give me an advice about the outfit that i can wear in our Christmas party, Our theme is Bohemian. Thank you so much!! :) God Bless! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Michaela! :) Bohemian? Research on boho prints, crochet, etc :)

  7. Chai Chen

    It’s such a wonderful Kollection! I wanna have a few pieces of the KK stuff from DP too! Yay! :)
    So sexy indeed!
    I’m not sure also about the Kardashian’s designing but I saw my boss wearing a shoe from KK with their brand imprinted and their signature on the sole. Hmm … not so sure. :)

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  8. Kris J.

    Dear Ms. Camille,

    You look so beautiful and stunning in these photos! :)
    Love your outfit!:)

    P.S. Ikaw na ang may curves! Haha!

  9. kathleen vila

    That outfit is so wild! ( I mean screaming loud.. hehe) It could really attract any eyes.. So beautiful.. :-)

  10. Kit Cane

    it looks great on you! Glad that you actually went for the animal printed version. :) never a sin to try something new every once in a while. :)

  11. MsGlitzy

    I previewed the collection here in Singapore and thought the leopard prints were the laggards of the collection. But wow, now I take back my words. You rock the leopard prints, looking both sexy and sophisticated at the same time!

  12. Sara Shalabi

    Hi Camille :) i also love the Kardashians, kaya lang i can’t keep up with them na kasi busy sa school haha. i totally like Khloe’s style, kasi we’re both plus size, and before talaga shes the one na madalas kong base pagdating sa style and proportions.
    Btw, how do you maintain your gorgeous bod? What exercises do you practice? Sana maka tulong din sakin in losing my weight haha
    Love lots :**

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Sara! :) I don’t exercise. Lol. Probably the reason why my butt keeps getting bigger haha! :) You should do cardio! :)

  13. Kyla Mae

    Sexy and classy! You really tried the pose again?! You’re so funny! Yeah it does work hahaha! I didn’t see you trying that again coming! Go Ms. Camille!

  14. darleen

    di naman siguro beast ms. camille… the fierceness nalang in you siguro… :) nice dress!! :)

  15. Kal

    Tastefully sexy indeed! :) I love your pose! I should do that since I have non existent cleavage too! Lol! :) but then again, I don’t think your is non existent like mine! Lol! :)) you’re definitely Keeping Up with the Kardashians here!

  16. Tricia G. Ladiana

    OHEm!!Your so sexy!!I really love leopard talaga, Kahit ang mga Kardashians sisters eh todo cleavage para mag pa impress kaw naman e no need na, Bagay na bagay sayo yang dress, hehe :))

  17. Vanni Yeth

    I’d love to see this look with a shining shimmering red lipstick! <3
    Your dress shouts RAWR! :D *u*

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Vanni! :) I wanted to tame it down with a lighter lip color :)

  18. Tanya

    You’re beyond gorgeous here, Ms Camille! The dress fits you very well. You look like Khloe btw! :)

  19. Kanu Sharma

    You look like a Sexy Cat, WOW… your hair, dress, shoes n of-course the smile makes you a killer :). <3 <3 <3

  20. Orange

    wow camille you look stunning! :) I love the Kardashians too, how much is the dress? if you dont mind me asking :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Orange! :) It’s the usual DP price. I have to check again! Ack my brain! I’m getting old! Haha!

  21. Emma

    You are so gorgeous! I actually saw a picture of you wearing this dress at Patricia’s blog and I was shocked! I mean it really fits you :) You should also get the black ;)

  22. judy

    I know why you love the little gold bar on the neck line of the sexy dress, coz’ it is one of your favorite colors. ♥
    You are so gorgeous and look sexier on that dress. *dash IT girl :)

  23. Sephie Rojas

    I love their collab, to be honest. It shows the versatility of the designer to step out of their usual signature designs and create something new and out of their norm :) Good job Dorothy Perkins! :> You look so fierce and elegant in that dress! :D Pwede pala mag-mix ang fierce and elegant in one outfit, harhar! :)

  24. Kitine

    3 of my faves in one photo! Kardashian sisters, leopard print and Camille Co! The dress fits you well! Im gonna rush to the nearest Dorothy Perkins tomorrow!

  25. Tasha D.

    I love the Kardashians especially Khloe and their mother dearest! haha! So chic and stylish lang their Jenner House! Whose Kardashian style can you most relate to?

    By the way, I’ve seen in one of their episodes, yung blue na Giuseppe Zanottis mo, pinamigay lang ni Kim sa charity kasi ni-raid ni Kanye yung closet niya nun! Kanye will fill in her closet with new stuff as in pati accessories but in exchange for that he’ll have to get rid off some of her things he find “not stylish” and kasama dun yung Zanottis mo sa napakaraming iba pa na pinamigay nila sa charity! Kaloka diba! As in halos buong closet niya naubos ang laman! AT TALAGANG NAG-KEEP UP AKO WITH THEM! Updated! haha!

    • itscamilleco

      Hahahaha I need to get updated! You truly are keeping up with the Kardashians haha! Well, kung may Kanye ka nga naman to fill your closet with new stuff, why not! LOL :) I don’t know whose style I can relate to the most. I think it’s more of a mix of the 3 :)

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