Hot Pants


Just when I thought I wouldn’t have a pair of shorts shorter than may “nagshorts ka pa” shorts that I wore here and here, another pair comes along. These are definitely giving the other two a run for their money!


Normally, I’d only have the guts to wear something as short as this to the beach. But since I haven’t been to the beach lately, I had to find a way to wear these babies out. The print is just too pretty to hide inside my closet forever. The solution? Wear something long on top to protect my cheeks from getting exposed–and I’m not referring to the cheeks on my face, people!


Doesn’t the print on my shorts remind you of racing? All the more perfect to pair with my biker vest!

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Choies vest Forever 21 top Love Clothing shorts


Nail Spa Lounge semi-permanent lash extensions


SM Accessories necklace 


SM Accessories bracelet


Forever 21 rings


Aldo pumps

113 Responses to “Hot Pants”
  1. Steph Sison

    You really have “it” so you can flaunt it.. :) I really adore those endless and flawless legs.

  2. jhevy

    wow..,u look smashing camille (hope u don’t mind if i dropped the “MISS” word..heheheh :} ) i so <3 ur legs…it's so long and dainty…how i wish i have those.. (wishful thing!)

  3. Mark U

    Oh my lord.. This certainly warmed up my evening. :) I love the contrasts on this outfit.And how your hair and the shoes are mainly that pop of colour in your ensemble.

    This wasn’t your new hair colour yet, was it?

  4. Dheya Suzuki

    awww. missing your long locks! :(( haha. btw, why are you sooooooo gorg all the time Ate Camille? :”)

  5. Vanni Yeth

    Legs legs legs mo ay nakakasilaw! :333 I want long legs like your too!!! :”””””””>

  6. Tricia G. Ladiana

    like for shorts,nako kung iba ang magsusuot nian with no blazer ang sagwa tignan super ikli!HAHA.And the shoes ,is it glow in the dark? :) Till now I dont know when will I see you :(

  7. Shannon

    Hi Camille, you look awesome! Love the jacket and the pop of neon shoes!!


  8. Veronica

    Ate Camille! You should smile with your teeth showing. I bet you have a beautiful smile(:

    • itscamilleco

      Meron yan :) Just not in a lot of posts :) I always end up choosing other photos kasi :)

  9. Dannah Rafols

    legs legs mo ay nakakatunaw =) wow legs! pretty as always… saw you on Etchetera

  10. Honey Lyn

    wow! the mala-EDSAng legs na naman! hehehehe! super bet ko talaga camille when you’re wearing shorts! super love it! ;)

  11. Christine

    Wow those are some really shorts shorts hehe… but you pulled it of nicely. It definitely showcased your lovely legs. :)

  12. JaneyJane07

    Ang taray ng shorts mo Camille. hehehe. bagay sa’yo coz ur gifted w/ a long legs. :)

  13. maebs

    i love your shorts :) BTW, do you watch Anne Curtis new show? diba po Laureen is a part of their show. :)

  14. nikka

    ang ganda naman. ano kulay ng hair mo, ms. cams? natawa ako sa ‘and im not referring to the cheeks on my face’ haha

  15. gladys

    I rarely find women/girls who doesn’t look . . .er . . . malaswa in short shorts. And definitely, you are one of the rare ones, Miss.
    Perhaps it’s really in the attitude.

    Ma try ko nang magsuot ng shorts minsan. To try and test if isa rin ba ako sa rare ones.:)

    Your shoes looks really comfortable and you overall getup, BRAVO!

    • itscamilleco

      People have been saying that :) I’m flattered and thankful! :) Try mo na! :)

      • Gladys

        Tsaka na lang siguro Miss :)
        Ampanget pa ng legs ko! Malikot kasi ako noong bata ako, eh kaya ang daming barya ng binti ko…Kaya nga kapag new year, gamit na gamit ang mga ito eh..

        Miss, hindi po ba nakakailang magsuot ng shorts lalo na kapag short shorts?? Safe lang talaga parati ang outfit ko eh. Just tees and jeans and sneakers. ANG BOOWRING!

        • itscamilleco

          Depends where you’re going. You have to consider the crowd din kasi :)

  16. Chey Jose

    Please refrain from wearing shorts like these cause it’s like rubbing in our faces, “Hey, I have long gorgeous legs and y’all don’t!” Lol. Nah, I love it! I just hope I have legs like yours na kinabog haba ng EDSA. :P

    • itscamilleco

      OMG when I was reading the first few words, I thought this was a hate comment. LOL! Stop scaring me people! Thank you Chey!

  17. Cleo

    Hi Camille,

    I always read your blogs and I find it really entertaining and helpful!

    And I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your tips on fashion. I actually learned a lot especially now that I’m helping out my sister with her outfits for her pre-nup pictorials. Hahahaha. So thanks so much again! ♥ Hope I can meet you someday.

    Oh by the way, i so love your shoes here. It’s so papansin. Hahahahaha.


  18. Chloe

    Don’t you just hate it when people stare at you like there’s no tomorrow?! Especially when girls judge you when you wear short shorts… I hate them… Anyway, you look good as always and I look up to you!! Keep it up! :D

  19. Christine Koay

    Love that vest, Ms Camille! but that shorts is seriously short! I don’t have the gut to wear it and I don’t have your height and body to rock this.. plus, my mum will kill me if I ever want to wear shorts this short! Being a strict Pinay mum, she told me not to wear this short so man would not stare at me with weird look.. heh.. I happen to love classic because of her.. =D

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Lydia! I can’t help in! The dork in me just keeps coming out!

  20. Patrice Aliman

    I love the whole look! If you have the legs and body for those kind of shorts, then why not wear it diba? And you definitely have THE legs and body. Haha. I love that you’re wearing red lipstick more often now. It suits you ;)

  21. Carrizza

    Madame why so gorgeous with anything?? Pretty as always!! I love your shorts. So cute :)

  22. Sephie Rojas

    Cute vest! I love the lines of fabrics like those. I find it fun to run my fingers along its surface, haha! :P The design on your shorts looks like the random doodles students usually make in their planners in high school when they’re not listening to the teacher’s lessons, heehee :D

  23. Tasha D.


    BTW, you said you haven’t used pa your iphone 5. Pero yung 4s mo ok ba yung battery life? How long do you use it before charging? Nakaka stress talaga kasi my iphone rans out of battery easily eh. :( So far, everyday talaga ako nagcha-charge kahit di naman heavy ang aking usage.

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Tasha! Nako, I charge everyday but I’m a heavy use kasi and I’m always online. :) If you don’t use it heavily then maybe you should check your settings. Set the brightness to a lower percentage. Turn off bluetooth and notifications if you don’t need them and quit applications that you’re not using :)

  24. Josephine

    Gorgeous outfit! >w<
    I really love those shorts – I'm so jealous that you can pull off such a short length without looking showy! -3-
    Those pumps are gorgeous! ^^

  25. ELLE

    Miss Camille this is your version of “Ayaw mo naman na mag-shorts huh?!” haha:)

    I love the vest and your pumps. Seeing the color of your shoes reminds me of reflectorized paints (baka kasi mabangga ang mga makakakita sa’yo). LOL

    Have a good day.

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