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It’s the start of my Japan blog posts! Finally, after more than a month, I’m now able to blog about my trip to Tokyo. As you all know, I, together with Tricia, attended EMODA’s TouchME Fashion show last May 17. Since I was already getting flown in to Tokyo for the show, I went ahead and extended my stay for a bit so that I can squeeze a little shopping and sightseeing in. I invited my mom and sister to come with me so they booked a flight to the city as well. I flew ahead though which means I had quite some time to myself. So what did I do? Schedule a date around the city with Tricia!


I’ve only been to Japan once before so Tricia’s definitely more familiar with the place. I told her, “show me your ways and I shall follow!” LOL! I was an eager tourist. The first stop in our itinerary? Purikura heaven at Club Sega!


I was beyond amazed at what these machines can do. I mean I’ve tried neo prints, but these, these are on a league of their own!!! They have the power to make ANYONE, and I mean, ANYONE (all caps for emphasis) pretty! I don’t know how they do it. They make your face, chin and nose instantly smaller, your eyes bigger, your skin smoother. In short, they make you look like a doll.


So basically, this is what you’ll see once you’re inside one of the machines. Look at the lighting around it! It’s strategically placed to make anyone look flawless!


You can choose different backgrounds, themes and editing styles for your photos. Tricia and I had so much fun copying the poses!


After your photos are taken, more magic happens here. You already look like a doll but you can still edit each of your photos by not only adding words, stickers, props and changing backgrounds, but also makeup!!! You can make your lashes longer, change your lip color, enlarge your eyes and so on and so forth. This is one mean machine!


Tricia and I got sucked into doing 3 rounds of purikura. How can we not? Look how cute our photos turned out? I wish I have a machine like this at home. I’d take my ID photos there! Outfit shots even! Haha!


But sadly, I don’t have a machine like this so it’s back to reality for us. Thank you for introducing the madness that is purikura, Tricia! For now, we’d have to settle with our normal and too-honest-for-our-own good cameras. LOL! (Check out our matching caps. Both Tricia and I got them after we spent the whole afternoon shopping around Shibuya 109.)


After Tricia and I parted ways, I walked around Shibuya a bit more while waiting for my mom and sister to arrive. Look at what caught my attention. Clearly, she caught the guy’s attention as well because he tried to pull one of her stuffed toys. Mean guy!


This is her getting annoyed at the guy who tried to pull her “stuffed toy dress”. (Ayan kasi, nangenge-alam!) I can just imagine how warm she must feel in this. Career kung career! A for effort! This is what you call tiis ganda to the highest level!


Leave it up to the Japanese to make my outfit look mediocre.


I may not have stuffed toys on my clothes but I hope you still appreciate this black and white, print on print outfit.


Shibuya 109 cap


From Hong Kong necklace 


Givenchy bag


Vanilla Suite gold shoes


H&M jacket Topshop cropped top Crayon (Haji Lane, Singapore) skirt


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Of course I’m not ending this post without photos of what I had for dinner. By this time, my sister and mom have already arrived so we headed straight to this sushi restaurant called Nemuro Sho Kudo, located at Shibuya.


All the seafood they serve here are shipped directly from Nemuro and Hokkaido. Feast your eyes on just a few of the fresh seafood we had!


More posts from Tokyo in the coming days!

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  1. Angie

    Wow, I know this is late (haha, it’s not just you who’s behind on blogging, but your readers as well) but I LOVE your jacket. I’ve been looking for a tweed blazer/jacket that’s loose and has a kind of unfinished look, like the one you’re wearing. How old is the blazer/jacket? Would it still be in stores in USA or Canada do you think?
    Btw, love the pointy-ness of the shoes!

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Angela! Hmmm I doubt it. I don’t see it in any of the Zara stores I’ve been to lately.

  2. Gladys

    Hindi ko keri ang fashion sense nung girl na puro stuffies ang dala!
    Hindi ba siya nabibigatan dun?! Geeed!
    Talagang nasa dress nya ang mga stuff toys? Mukha kasing bitbit nya lang eh.

    Ang cute ng outfit mo.Did you intend to buy that hat to match your shoes?
    At ang cute nyo dun sa Purikura.:) I wanna have that kind of machine, na ang effect ay sa personal at hindi lang sa photo. :D

    • itscamilleco

      I think they’re attached to her dress talaga :) I bought the cap because I liked it then later, I realized, bagay pala to my outfit so I wore it :)

  3. beatrice gases

    camille i really wonder can you just give me an advice you know how i love to go to ateneo . my mom keeps telling me to have a 4 year course so i easily think of Psychology but i also want to be like you, or laureen or liz uy .so do i really have to take 2 courses?

    • itscamilleco

      Why 2 courses? One will do. Even if you take Psychology, you can still pursue fashion. A lot of people in fashion took different courses but ended up in fashion pa rin after. :) It’s really about the passion and talent :)

  4. Christine Koay

    I like what you’re wearing here, Ms Camille!! So Tokyo Chic!! =) I died when i see the Purikura!!! You and Tricia looks so kawaii ne~ Purikura is definitely in my bucket list! It looks much more fun in Japan! I love your cap and shoes!! <3

  5. maebs

    japan is one of the place that i wish to go for trip. :) your Purikura shots are beautiful. :)

  6. Dee

    How did you know which one to order? I didn’t see a single English word in the menu! Haha

  7. kath

    baka naman nagtitinda pala ng stuff toys! hahaha that cap is so dope! i wanna steal it! charot!

  8. samboy

    Ohhh. Thanks a lot I’m able to drop by here again:) those shoes are sooooo nice:) and the print on print soo stunning:)

  9. Joicellene

    That woman with stuff toys on her outfit is so funny!! ha-ha-ha. Ang lakas ng trip pero infairness ang cute niya at nung mga stuff toys so no wonder why that guy dare to steal her stuff toys. hahaha epic!!! :)

  10. mae

    which do you prefer Ms. Cams in terms of beauty products Japanese or Korean Brands?

  11. Angelic Robles

    I had fun looking through your Purikura photos! Wish they’d also put up such a photobooth here in the Philippines.

    Anyway, your outfit is far from mediocre! No one but you can pull off print-on-print plus gold accents in the form of your headgear and shoes. I’m partial to your choice of purse for this ensemble. I thought at first it was your camera bag, but I took a good look at the rest of the photos and loved the way it coincides with your color palette!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Angelic! I really wish we have 1 in the Philippines too!

  12. Alchie Torion

    I love that puffy pink girl w/ overloaded accessories all over her, that kind of look there is called rebel fashion. Shibuya street is the street where you can find girls wearing anything what they like & where there are no rules for fashion. I’ve seen it on a travel documentary on tv.
    Anyways..i love camille’s travel-fashion blog. And mostly i love your outfit camille, it’s so cool & classy.❤

  13. Reena

    Holy Moly grabe ang tawa ko sa Stuffed Toy dress na picture! hahaha… nakuha mo pa ang emotion ni ate jan… The Japanese do have their own fashion flair! Parang stuff toy Jeremy Scott pants lang ni Sandara ang peg. hehehe… but your outfit is far from being mediocre though. I really like it! :)

  14. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    love the beauty addict machine,.. if the philippines has that, many pinays would line up!!! ^__^
    you’re black n white print on print look was great!!!

    • itscamilleco

      The waitress can speak Mandarin so we just spoke to her in Mandarin :)

  15. Vina Guerrero

    ohhh how i wish we have that machine here! i want to try it too! :)

  16. Angeli

    is it just me or I’ve seen that givenchy bag in a bajillion colors in your past outfit posts…

    • itscamilleco

      Nope! I only have a bigger version in orange and another small one but I haven’t posted that :)

  17. Lea

    i’m amazed how the japanese can get really eccentric with fashion (like that girl wearing stuffed toys). when I had my tour in japan, i saw a girl with huge swarovskis on her nails and LASHES! (ndi ba ang bigat non!?) ..pero mas panalo pa din yung stuffed toys. hahaha!

    • itscamilleco

      Stuffed toys trumps nails & lashes! Haha! :) I love that they’re so open to all types of styles :) No judgement!

  18. Nelayish

    Even though you are not wearing a stuffed toy dress. I still like your outfit post! Your look can easily stand out in a Harajuku crowd! kahit print on print, it has a minimalism vibe. :) The guy who tried to pull one of her stuffed toys in her dress, was so rude :(

  19. Cazzy

    Way to go Ate Camille! I totes love the GOLD-sy ensemble! Hat and shoes! TAT I told Ate Tricia that I also want to see Harajuku and she told me that her faves are Shibuya and Shinjuku! Awesooooome cute-sy gal wearing harajuku clothes! Bears! I wished it was Korilakkuma though… LOL! Food! <3 More photos please! <3 XOXO

    • itscamilleco

      I like Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku and Ginza. :) more photos coming!

  20. Tasha D.

    Beyonce wore that top too! She wore it with the matching skirt. I never thought I’d see Beyonce wear Topshop considering that she can afford to wear designer brands everyday. haha! Bongga nanaman pagkamix ng prints mo dito! Magiging proud sila
    Mary Katranzou at Peter Pilotto pag nakita nila ‘to. chos.

    EXCITED na ako to see you wear your new Alexander Wang and Zanotti! Feeling ko susuotin mo yung isa dun sa Preview Ball no? Blog about your outfit ha!!!!! ;) What’s this year’s theme ba?

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha! Thanks Tasha! Nahiya naman ako kay Beyonce, Mary and Peter!

      Yes! Nahulaan mo! :) It’s Put on your dancing shoes :)

  21. Dhes Borja

    Yay! I like to try that purikura machine too haha..I just hope we had that here in PH. Anyways, on to your outfit,,I love your whole get up it’s so cool!! (labas tiyan e kaya cool,,just kidding) I just wonder how to eat that seafood that has a lot of tinik ba yun? or balahibo/buhok whatever basta parang ang kati sa lalamunan haha,,

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Dhes! Yung hairy crabs? Just like ordinary crabs! :)

  22. hazel

    wow… your shoes look expensive lol… ang cute nyo ni tricia sa mga pics nyo in purikura… ^_^

  23. Nica Ligera

    i love it camille! its really nice. You’re so pretty! ;)

  24. Alyssa Martinez

    Lovely photos, I love Tokyo so much especially Harajuku! I hope you went there too :) I’m looking forward to more Tokyo blogs.

  25. Daphne

    I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo! It’s so nice seeing you with Tricia! I interviewed you both (separately) for my (now defunct) Tumblr blog, Galerie. Dunno if you remember. Hihi :”>

    xx Daphne of

  26. askia bryant

    I love your blog and this look is everything amazing.. the food looks amazing as well (licks lips lol)

  27. Kring

    Nice cap! I’d love to have one. And your lashes are looooooooooong! Are they still extensions? (*^^,*)

  28. Lourine

    You’re both kawaii! Hehe. Your pictures of purikura makes me wonder what would you be like if you go cosplaying? Hehe. Just my randomness :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Lourine! Haha! I’ve been told a lot of times I can do cosplay daw. Haha! I can’t imagine!

  29. Sephie Rojas

    Purikura!! If only we had those here too! Those machines are like a gife from the gods!! @o@ Grabe talaga Japanese street fashion! It can get very extreme but I have to give them A++ for effort :P Todo bigay talaga sila! No worries, I still love your Black and White ootd with the touch of gold :3

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Sephie! Yeah, I love how they don’t judge. Kanya-kanyang style!

  30. Lyndon Johnson

    That photo machine is soo cool. HAHAHA. But of course, you don’t need that, Camille. You are beautiful inside and out. And I mean it. :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Lyndon! I need the machine, I want the machine!!! Haha!

  31. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    Finally!!! Japan post! One of the country I’d really like to visit soon. I’m excited for your next tour blog! I got kilig when the two of you finally have a pictures together and most of all an event together!!! You both are my favorite bloggers! I hope to see you both more in events or even in your IG post! hahaha! When it comes to Japan, Tricia is the girl/man! I mean, she’s the best tour guide! hahaha!

  32. Lilli

    How cool! I wish I was there too, I’d love to visit Tokyo soon! You look very pretty Camille!:) Kisses! xo

  33. Yanshi

    Woooooww!! You and Tricia looked so pretty and cute in the photos!! I want to try that purkura too, that must be so much fun!! I want to go to Japan, now na!!!! hahaha :D I love the combination of the prints of your outfit, then the gold shoes and cap! Amazing! :)))))

  34. Katrina

    Ofcourse! how can we dislike this beauty ensemble?! Love the B&W print and tweed jacket as well! :)

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