Walking On Sunshine

I’m back!!! After a week full of problems with my blog, it seems like everything will be back to normal again from now on. (Knock on wood.) If you’re wondering what happened, I had a problem with the new server I just switched to namely, Hostgator a.k.a my mortal enemy. Since the switch, it kept […]


V Is For Violet, V Is For Vios

Why do I look like I’m ready to party so early in the day? It’s because I am! Just kidding. I’m no party animal–at least not when the sun is still out. I wore this outfit because I planned to attend the Vios Vibe party that night. I heard there were a lot of DJs […]


Mellow Yellow

This is the perfect example of how accessories can take your look to a whole new level. Take a pretty dress like this one and make it even more beautiful by carefully selecting the best accessories to go with it. They don’t have to be a lot. They just have to be right. To make […]


Not Everything Is As Clear As Black And White

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the SM Aura opening that happened a few months back. Sarah Jessica Parker even graced the event as the new face of the latest upscale mall in the metro. (Yes, I saw her and fell in love with her charm completelty!) Anyway, here’s what I wore to the event. […]


Style Inspirations For Holiday 2013 Trends

We’re more than halfway through 2013. How time flies! Before you know it, the -ber months are here. To help you with this transition, Tim Yap and I collaborated to bring you the trends you should know this Holiday 2013 according to P&G Beauty experts. This is my last project as a P&G Beauty Ambassador so […]


Don’t Mess With Me And My Burger

When I first saw this shirt, I knew we were meant to be. First of all, there’s a drawing of a huge burger on it that says “fat you!” as if it’s cursing at all that irresistible fat that a burger contains. Fatty and unhealthy but oh so delicious–that’s my kind of food! Don’t get […]


Chains And Vines

I have a love-hate relationship with jumpsuits. Love, because you can just wear them as is without the need to rack your brains for what to pair with them. They’re very much like dresses except they’re far easier to move around in. Hate, because they’re such a hassle when you have to use the toilet. […]


Run For It

Who says fashion bloggers can’t rock a simple t-shirt? We can’t always be in pretty dresses and complicated clothing! We’ve got our days off too. But even so, that doesn’t mean we have to be any less stylish, right? Even in the good old shirt and jeans combo. Trends come and go but t-shirts and […]


Collection Is Here!

You’ve probably already heard this but I’ll announce it again anyways. UK’s most fashionable makeup brand, Collection, is finally in the Philippines!!!! Woohoo!! And guess who’s one of the brand ambassadors for Collection? She’s none other than the girl in the mirror! LOL! How dramatic. This is me, hours before the Colour Out Loud party, […]


Start Of A New Dynasty

This top reminds me so much of my high school days when we had countless hours of Chinese history classes. Who would’ve thought fashion would ever remind me of those? LOL! Not that they’re bad memories, I was quite good at them actually. I found our Chinese subjects easy. And out of all of them, […]