Hong Kong Disneyland Day 2

Told you there are more coming! Here’s day 2 at the happiest place on Earth! (Read my previous posts about Disneyland here and here.)

Don’t you just love the ceiling at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel? We actually stayed at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel but there are free shuttles that go to and from both hotels and the theme park so it’s easy to transfer from one place to another.

For day number two, we started our day off at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel’s Enchanted Garden.

Enchanted Garden serves the yummiest breakfast buffet. Look at these cuties! Mickey waffles!

And Mickey pancakes!

How about some macarons?

What makes this place extra special is aside from the yummy food, diners get to meet Mickey and his friends as well. No need to line up to meet them! Mickey and the gang personally visit each table for photo ops.

Of course, being a Disneyland baby and all, I just had to take a photo with Mickey and the rest of the gang too!

After breakfast, we went outside to check out this really cool maze aptly called Mickey Maze. Of course, we saw this as another opportunity to camwhore. Tourist mode: ON!

Like a bunch of crazy girls, we placed my camera on self timer mode and tried our hardest to get at least one photo right haha! There were a bunch of laughing and pushing and posing involved. After countless takes, we finally got ONE photo with all 3 of us inside the frame and ready for the camera. Hooray!

After that photo op struggle, we then headed off to Disneyland again. I spotted this “police car” along Main Street USA when we got there. Isn’t it cute?

If it still isn’t obvious by now, aside from all the rides and games, we ate A LOT during this trip! By late afternoon, we were getting a little hungry from all the exploring so we decided to go for tea time and grab a few snacks at the Main Street Corner Cafe. They actually offer a set afternoon tea around this time so no need to rack your brains for what to get.

Lissa and Haze, our Disney newbies, were clearly enjoying their meal.

Patrish and I, the Disney experts, waiting patiently for our meals.

And here they are! YUM!

The servers at this restaurant were so friendly and accommodating!  It really felt like they’re so happy working at the happiest place on Earth! Lol!

So anyway, back to the park! This is the Golden Mickeys Show I mentioned in my last post.

It’s a show with almost all the Disney characters present! The format is that of an awards show so Minnie Mouse was all glammed up!

The Little Mermaid

Beauty and the Beast

The gang!

Our last stop was Tomorrowland. This place is really beautiful at night because of all the colorful lights.

Of course, we all know what Tomorrowland has right? The ever so famous, Space Mountain! Now let me tell you a little story about our experience here. Lissa is really scared of rides. We usually just peer pressure her into riding with us so we peer pressured her again into riding Space Mountain. Before getting on to Space Mountain, we knew there was going to be a photo taken during the ride so we planned to make the wackiest faces when this happens. The result?

Success! Well, for the 3 of us at least haha! That’s me doing a Zoolander-like pose, Pat smizing and Haze giving a salute! Lissa requested for her dear face to be covered so I thoughtfully inserted Minnie Mouse in. It’s no easy feat achieving this photo! I’d like to request for another slow clap please. SLOW CLAP! Lissa, better luck next time haha!

So after finishing all the rides and shows, we just went around the park at night.

There are a lot of souvenir shops like this along Main street USA.

And restaurants too. We actually ate twice here at Plaza Inn, both times I was so hungry I wasn’t able to take photos of them!!! They serve really yummy Chinese cuisine.

The whole of Main Street USA looks like this at night. Isn’t it beautiful?

Come 9pm, it was time for the much awaited fireworks. It lasted a good 30 minutes or so. I assure you, you won’t get bored! Disney has the best fireworks shows and this one is no different!

Just imagine “When You Wish Upon A Star” playing in the background, doesn’t it look so magical? Our Disney newbies Lissa and Haze were having a moment as we watched the show! Disneyland’s fireworks can do this to you.

For dinner, we went back to the Disneyland Resort Hotel for some fine dining at Walt’s Cafe.

A 4-course meal was prepared for us. For my main course, I got their grilled sirloin steak with seasoned vegetables and potatoes. As usual, everything was delicious! Actually, to tell you the truth, just the food alone in Hong Kong Disneyland can already make me stay here until foreverrrrr!

After 2 fun-filled days at Hong Kong Disneyland, all good things must come to an end. There really is no place like Disneyland. If you haven’t visited the park, I really recommend you do! Hong Kong is just nearby! You won’t regret it! Young and old, Disneyland is a place where magic happens. :) I’ll really never grow tired of it. NEVER!

P.S. I heard there are plans of adding a haunted/horror land in the park. Who’s as excited as I am? :)

P.P.S Have you seen the video Patrish made of us goofing around Disneyland? Watch it here. Please accept me for who I am. Haha!

P.P.P.S If you’ve accepted me wholeheartedly for who I am, please keep helping me gather more votes/”LOVES” for my New York Fashion week entry here. I really want NEED to watch New York Fashion Week. Would you please be so kind to help me spread the news and peer pressure your friends into voting as well? :) Who knows, they might win the voters’ contest too and come watch  NYFW with me! Fingers-crossed!

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  1. Alexa

    Hi! How many days do you suggest should we allot for a disneyland hk visit? :)

  2. Carmela Walker

    Hi Camille, me and my boyfriend are booked on June 2015. if we have a ticket for DLHK can we re enter the place during the night without buying another ticket?

  3. Ina


    Congrats for being on the cover of Preview Magazine.

  4. Lily

    Hi Ms. Camille! I wonder if you edited these photos before posting it? Nice photos btw! =)

  5. Gladys

    Constant taga-comment na yata ako dito, Miss Camille, pansin ko lang…:D
    But I just can’t help it. Your posts could really lessen the stress I am feeling with this thesis we are working on.
    And just like all your other posts, especially the first entry of your disneyland adventure, natatawa na naman talaga ako especially with the video! Amazing you are!
    Gusto ko na tuloy maging katulad mo! hahahahaha

  6. Jin

    Your post seriously made me wish for an HK trip next year. I think I’ll plan one! :)

  7. joy

    WOW!~..you’re so cool Ms.Camille!…haha..when i was scrolling down..i just can’t keep my eyes off sa picture niyo po with mickey..haha..i just love that pic..haha..pabalik-balik ako..haha….mabuti pa kayo nakaka travel with friends..idol talaga kita Ms.Camille!..hehe ^_^ …aahm..remember mo pa po ba ako?..(haha..feeling lang na matatandaan eh..haha)..ako yung “joy” na nagsabi before na first time ko mag comment..medyo matagal-tagal na din naman yun..pero just wanna say..”yehey! this is my second comment!..hahahaha” ^___^ More power to you Ms.Camille Co!!!

  8. Mark U

    Mickey waffles and Mickey-roons!!! *paws at screen*

    Good god, it’s been a while since I dropped by Disneyland and here at your blooog.

    It’s just amazing how Disneyland brings out the inner child among us. And, Yes, I admit to having “When you wish upon a star” playing in the back of my head looking at your fireworks photos. And I also admit to being teary eyed last time I watched it in person. gets me every time.

    OT: Heard you’ve moved shop already. =D

    • itscamilleco

      Mickey-roons! How witty! :)

      Yessir! We’re still “moving”, the renovations are still ongoing. :)

  9. Cherish Kim Ferrer

    WOW. It makes me feel excited. I want to go in HK Disneyland because of you. Thank you for being an inspiration. :]

  10. Kaye

    great posts to all of your disney adventures :) u can be travel blogger too!!! hahahaa… it felt like i was with you the whole disney joruney of yours. :)

  11. Julya

    Wow!! Disney’s so beautiful at night!! I actually just texted my friend after I saw this post “Hey we should really go back to HK and go see Disney at night, with all the fireworks and stuff. So beautiful” she answered right back “Camille Co’s pictures? Haha. Yeah we should!”

    OMG we REALLY are friends. I didn’t know that she visits your blog too! :))

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha you guys are too cute!!! :) The fireworks are amazing! You will enjoy it for sure!

  12. prance

    Whoaaa Hong Kong Disneyland seems wayyy cuter than the Disneyland in California. I really want those macarons!!! *_*

  13. Vivian

    This makes me really want to go to HK and go to Disneyland :(
    Disney serious makes everyone happy; I love it! I even thought about working there.

  14. Alexa Y.

    I LOVE this post. As a Disney baby myself, I can’t help but get excited over all the details you included. This makes me want to go back to HK Disneyland – STAT!

  15. Kathleen Claire Cañeja

    I WAS SO HAPPY READING THIS POST ESPECIALLY LISSA’s FACE! (Which is covered by Minnie’s face) OMG HAHAHA. Nakkatawa ka pala no? Just by your blog, I get to laugh in front of my monitor! :D P.S I HAVE ACCEPTED YOU WHOLE HEARTEDLY. *Capslock para intense!*

    • itscamilleco

      Haha yay! Glad you like it! And thank you accepting me wholeheartedly. :)

  16. Valerie Ng

    Lovely photos! I want to go there too! But I heard from my friends and they said hong kong Disneyland is not as great as the one in California that I have been, but after looking at your photos, I wanna experience it!

  17. Karen

    very nice photos and you do have a “magical” way of story telling that makes me want to go back to HK Disneyland, hehe…good job! *CLAP* *CLAP*

  18. aileengaliana

    Hi Camille,
    Your photos looks amazing! May I ask which camera and lens you’ve used to take these photos? Thanks so much for blogging about your HK trip! You’ve given me ideas on what to look forward to and you made me more excited about my upcoming trip to HK next month!
    Stay pretty!! Cheers!

    • itscamilleco

      For this one, I used my Olympus OM-D EM5 with 45mm lens :) Thanks Aileen! :)

  19. Sophia

    I want to fly to HK Disneyland to eat now!! *salivates*

    You look really good in the previous outfit! I wish I have a sequin themed party too:)

    May I ask what’s your body shape and how do you dress to flatter your body? You always look great!!

    All the best for your fashion week contest!! I’ll be rooting for you^^

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Sophia! I’m really slim but with hips and a butt haha! I usually like accentuating my legs and hips :) Not so much the boobs since they’re non-existent haha!

      • Ana

        whahahaha… camille! ur such an inspiration for slim person like me :) I also love accentuating my legs because like yours my boobies are non existent too :) ohh btw.. we will be visitng HK in November this year! It’ll be my 1st time to go to HK so I’m looking forward of having an extreme vacation there! :) always take care! :)

  20. Sephie Rojas

    OMG Achi Camille. Lumabas ang pagka-goofiness ninyong lahat. It’s so adorable! Hahaha! Obviously you guys had so much fun. What Disney can really do to people of any age. Lumalabas ang mga Kids at Heart :P

  21. Trisha

    It’s soooo nice there! My dad said the Disney in Florida is nicer, but I’ve never been there either =))) One day perhaps HEHE

    • itscamilleco

      YOU SHOULD! Florida is really big compared to this one but Florida is so much farther so why don’t you experience Disney somewhere closer to home? :)

  22. Ghita Cherradi

    Were you dancing to Jang WooYoung Sexy Lady ?
    Haahaaa !!
    BTW, LOVE your pictures, it looks like a fairytale, and you guys look stunning :D
    Your forever moroccan fan, Ghita Cherradi :)

    • itscamilleco

      Oh wow! Moroccan! And you know Kpop? Kpop really is everywhere! :) Thanks Ghita!

  23. michelle

    hi ate camille! i cant find yer post where you wore a sequined legging haha im sorry for disturbing but i really really wanna see it again! and im close to giving up :( love your style! and this post made me wanna go to disneyland! haha you inspire me! keep blogging! :)

  24. Lima

    Wow! Amazing! Photos very bright and iinteresting! And this tasty (I think) Mickey pancakes and macaroons!) You are very funny and your friends too!)

  25. elaine g.

    I’ve been watching the video that Patrish uploaded and even if you don’t ask for an acceptance of who you are, you are wholeheartedly accepted, at least for me. Hahaha! One thing, was Lissa is sort of sick during your trip? she looks so kept :D Hehe! Also, by the time i’ll have a chance to visit HK Disneyland, i’ll go back to this post and list all the cafes, parks, rides and all those must-try stuff :)))

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Elaine! Lissa wasn’t sick. :) She’s just a little scared of rides and she felt uncomfortable under the super hot weather which are why she’s not present in some of the photos.

    • itscamilleco

      Cause in her words, “I look like I was raped guys!” Haha! She wasn’t ready for the camera :)

      • ToneT

        well for me, she’s one of the prettiest fashion bloggers i know.. next to you of course! haha!

        • itscamilleco

          Awww thanks Tonet! I find Lissa very pretty too! :) Effortless!

  26. raine

    hi camille! :) have you ever heard about disneybound? If not, you can check it here: http://disneybound.tumblr.com/

    I am just curious on how you would dress yourself as your favorite Disney character. :) I’ll be looking forward for your post on that. :)

  27. Dana Tolentino

    Really cute video! :)))
    I love the part wherein you’re dancing Sexy Lady! Ahh so cute! :D
    Will visit Disneyland hopefully this Decemberrrr. <3

  28. Ma. Judiel Cleto

    candid photos! you guys are so cute with your photos at maze and also to your video :)
    Amazingly beautiful <3 HK disneyland, one day i'll go there!

  29. Char

    Wow, this looks more magical than the one in Los Angeles, CA. Mickey waffles, cool mazes and the Golden Mickey’s Show looks really nice :) I hope I can visit Disneyland in HK in the future!


  30. jhay-cee

    i love the pretty lights at night. and the fireworks, amazing!
    love the photo of you with mickey and with your friends in the maze. kulit to the max ang mode. hehehe

  31. audreydelarosa

    Thanks for sharing your disneyland experience to us! Can’t wait to go there with my friends too! I’d be so kilig to see Mickey!!! hahaha

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