Travel Diary: Reichstag Building

As I mentioned before, I went to Berlin upon the invite of the German Foreign Office. Although my sister and I booked an earlier flight to have a bit more time to tour the city by ourselves, there are just too many interesting places to cover, all in a couple of days. Good thing the Goethe Institute (who took […]


Travel Diary: Berlin Wall and East Side Gallery

It’s hard not to get interested in politics and history when you’re in Berlin, especially with a history as recent as theirs. Prior to coming to this city, I’ve already heard about the Berlin Wall and how it divided East and West Berlin during the Cold War but that’s pretty much everything I knew about it. Little […]


Travel Diary: Sachsenhausen

“Remembering is a noble and necessary act. If anything can, it is memory that will save humanity.” Elie Wiesel said it well. I know a lot of you visit my blog for fashion, travel and all things fun, but even if what I’m about to show you now don’t fall under these categories, I have […]