My Kind Of Mooncake

Coming from a Chinese family, I was introduced to the tradition of the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival at a very young age. Sometime between August and September, my parents would bring us to annual family gatherings to play the dice game. We’d win snacks and toys back in the early days. Gadgets, lifestyle items, money and […]


Country Girl

You can easily tell from my hair color that these shots were taken a while back. I was off to give a talk for Chalk Magazine’s Campus Tour at Far Eastern University that day. It was especially hot then so pants and anything else made with more than 1 and a half yards of fabric […]


The Rugged Life

I got inspired by my current playlist on Deezer so I thought I’d dress a bit like a rugged rock star sans the boots for my magazine shoot that day. Owen Sarmiento, one of my favorite makeup artists ever, did my makeup for the shoot. He was totally digging my turn to the dark side (both fashion and […]