Travel Diary: Nikolaiviertel (Nikolai Quarter)

Nikolaiviertel or Nikolai Quarter is often referred to as the oldest residential area of Berlin. Technically, it really was. Merchants and artisans settled here in the Middle Ages because it’s located at the crossing of land and water trading routes on both sides of the river Spree. Unfortunately though, most of its medieval lanes and […]


Travel Diary: Sanssouci, Potsdam

Our itinerary for our day trip to Potsdam was quite ambitious. You see, Potsdam was a former royal city so it has no shortage of palaces and parks, most of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can just imagine how long our checklist of places to visit was! We probably could’ve visited them all […]


A Day at The Palace

Here come my Berlin travel diaries! Are you ready? Although technically, these photos weren’t taken in Berlin but in a city that’s located just an hour or so away from it called Potsdam. My sister and I went on a day trip to this beautiful city primarily because we wanted to explore its palaces that put Disney castles […]