Androgyny Goes To School

I need me some bow ties, cute and printed ones too! In my lame attempt to replicate one, I got one of my ribbon hairclips and used it as a pseudo-bow tie. FAIL. Please point me to the direction of bow tie land. Thank you. :)

ZARA blazer | H&M polo | Mango shorts | Mango belt | ZARA shoes | Balenciaga bag | H&M ribbon hair clip used as bow tie 

Hype this look on here .

Cotton On cross connector ring | From Hong Kong bracelet

I call them my daddy shoes. My sister abhors them though. But isn’t it a good alternative to the usual brogues? I stand my ground. I will love these shoes forever! :)

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  1. Pallas

    I’m currently in love with ribbons! I might imitate this outfit someday, if it’s okay. ;)

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